Hey there, judge!

You know what is the easiest thing to do in today’s time? To judge others. I’m sure we all know what it’s like to feel judged by someone else. Maybe it’s because of the way you look, or the dress you wear, or the way you act, or something you’ve said. And no matter what, majority of them didn’t feel good about it. And I think that’s perfectly understandable. Why would anyone want to be judged and criticized to be the way they want them to be.

The main thing is, I don’t understand the criteria on how people judge others?  Their dress? Their personality? Their height? Weight? Or is it something else? Well logically speaking, it’s quite difficult to judge people according to the above four dimensions, because we can’t expect everyone to be like us (Except if they are twins, of course! ;)). We live in a society where though maybe not willingly, we end up judging others on petty issues. ‘Oh what she wears, oh how she looks, oh she’s with that guy, oh she married someone younger to her’ and etc etc. It’s like we are some virus who is under a microscope and is scrutinized daily. 

Okay here’s one example, when Galileo discovered that earth is in motion and that it is the earth that revolves around the sun, the entire society disagreed with it. In fact, they even arrested him for putting forward such ‘notion’. But Galileo was determined and confident about his research and then eventually his ‘notion’ was accepted.

 Many times, when we see or hear someone saying or doing something unusual, our first reaction is to make judgments about something we really don’t understand. By this I don’t mean we cannot have our own point of views. Rather I think everyone should have their viewpoint not reflected by others but having opinions and judging are entirely two different things. People may not agree with one particular thing, but making unnecessary criticism without checking the facts is stupid! 

I’m definitely not saying I am perfect but since even I have been guilty of judging something and someone without the correct fact, I know how it feels like.  In fact, while even writing this article I constantly think how people will interpret this article, what their opinions would be about me, few may agree with me, while majority may criticize but I have realized that not everyone will agree with me in everything. We all are independent of our own opinions. I will look from their point of view and try to accept it.

 Okay maybe you can relate with this if you’re someone who has struggled with their weight. It’s so easy to judge a person and say “If they just gave up the junk food  they’d lose weight.”  You never know if they have medical issues that prevent them from exercising, or have been going through problems in their life that make weight loss feel unimportant right now.  Until I am in that other person’s shoes, I have no right make those assumptions about someone else’s life. I just wish that everyone would take a moment to stop and think about how their comments, expressions and thoughts can have an affect on another person maybe then we will live a ‘judgement free’ life. Let other’s opinion about you not be the basis of how you truly are. Others will always have opinion about you, good as well as bad, at the end what matters the most is WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE.

A wonderful and meaningful quote: What you are is how you judge other people. 

Probably the world is filled with these people? I think the Indian Judiciary needs such ‘judges’! 😉

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