Childhood and innocence.

“Childhood: The period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth.” 

This sentence is so powerful, so true. Those idiocies and follies strengthened us and helped us to become what we are today. 

Childhood is itself an era of one’s life. Everyone has their own childhood story which is precious to them. Do you remember those senseless fights with your siblings over the silliest issue? I do! with my Bhaai and my cousins. We used to argue over the silliest, silliest issue. ‘Oye, you had chocolate without giving me?‘ I remember, my Bhaai was always the protective one. We used to fight so much, just SO much but if and whenever anybody even dared to raise a voice at me, he had been the first one to indulge in a fight, regardless being a girl or a boy. He had been to so many arguments just because of me. I used to get annoyed that time, areey why do you interfere in my affairs? You fight with me, but whenever anyone else does, you beat them so whats the whole point of us fighting? People would call him ‘Gunda‘! Haha, oh yes now I realize why he would do that; because he was protective of me. 

There is no doubt that childhood is seriously the best phase of one’s life. No trouble, no fear about anything- minus teacher’s scolding, that shielded protectiveness, so innocent, immense care, being carefree, not giving a damn about anyone and being just self-involved. Thinking that cartoon characters were real and mimicking like them. If anyone would bribe us with chocolates we would become their puppet. Believing anything and everything that our elders would say. Just believing the world is a fairy tale, a place filled with happiness and good people, oblivion to everything else. Those were good old days, very good days. 

 I remember I used to hate going to school just because it was at! Can you imagine how early I had to get up!! Teacher scaring us by saying “compulsory attendance”. Remember our teachers would complain our parents in PTM about us? And just before 3 days of it, we would pretend as if we were the best student in the planet, agreeing and doing everything they would tell us to do. And I guess we all had that one teacher, whom we still dislike. In fact, I am an exception because I never liked any, oh minus my only English tuition teacher, Mala Ma’am. I guess she is the coolest and the most fun-loving teacher ever! She would make lessons so easy that you would want to study that all day. I wish she had been my maths teacher! Ohh how much I LOATHE that subject and still do and will forever do. I cannot understand how can anyone like maths! I used to envy my brother just because he would always get highest in maths and me, is his complete opposite. I remember, once I got four in maths how embarrassing was it for me to confess oh shit!! When getting below 15(out of 20) was regarded as ‘so poor’. Now when I think of those days, days which were so embarrassing back then, all I do is laugh at them now.

Now when I see my junior, all I can think about the fun I had. When they discuss their first crush and first love. Ohh..those memories! Saving each rupee and recharging with text balance. Maybe they’ll never experience that because they have WhatsApp now! (:P) That first cell phone, that first Orkut account and then Facebook. Posting- illogical status with inappropriate grammar and funny photos and self-liking it. 

Childhood is truly the memorable phase of anyone’s life. We would make friends just to play with each other’s toys…regardless any other complicated issues. Eagerly waiting for our father to return from a business trip, getting excited in receiving a sketch pen box, ‘true love’ meant father and mother being together and so many sweet memories. 

Now I think, we are better off as a child only. No confusion, no responsibilities, no worrying, having a computer would make us so proud, eat anything without the fear of anyone calling motu, not being judged at everything, most importantly not thinking about our future. (PS-career plans were seriously so exciting when we were ten). 

When we were kids all we wanted was to grow up and behave like an adult and now when we are, we miss our childhood. A single childhood photo brings so many memories back. A simple compliment from your relative, “areey, tum bachpan mein bhi aisa hi karte the” leaves us tear eyed. Today when I look at my 5 year old sister, who can operate computer very efficiently, I relive those days.. At times I think this “generation next” is all about “electronic generation”. Maybe she’ll never have the same childhood as mine’s, maybe better but not like mine’s and to be true, I am happy about it because I think I had the best childhood. 

I wish that Doraemon really existed, then I would travel by the time-machine and re-visit my past. 😀 

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