Have you ever?

Have you ever felt so vulnerable,
That you feel clueless? 

Have you ever felt so helpless,
That you feel totally defenseless? 

Have you ever felt so stupid for exposing the true you,
And then regretted it so that you could redo? 

Have you ever felt guilty for telling the truth,
Instead of soothing a lie? 

Have you ever exposed your true feelings to someone,
Feeling completely naked, ashamed and invincible? 

Have you ever unconcealed your darkest secret, your wildest desire, 
In return of something for power to aspire? 

Have you ever tried to decipher the unrequited love,
Enough to un-love the lover? 

Have you ever been so predictable that 
You wanted to become invisible, undetectable?  

Because, if you have, then my friend, you have the purest of heart; difficult to impart, 
Strongest of emotions, passion and sensation. 

– x – 

Attention PLEASE (_/_) :: Before you start laughing out loud after reading this POEM, get that I AM NOT A POET nor do I wish to be one. Just penned down the random thoughts that were evaporating my mind for the past few days. 
There CAN be few mistakes yes of course there can be, so if you want to point that out, JUST DO IT. 

Criticism acceptable,
But don’t bitch, okay? 😛 

Okay, now you can resume your laugh. 

3 thoughts on “Have you ever?

  1. Why would I laugh?
    This is really good (unexpected)
    I am pleasantly surprised!
    And yes I Have felt most of the things mentioned above! But I don't think I have got purest of heart though! :p

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