Flawing Imperfections

We presume others are perfect, 
Sans worry to affect them.
Happy; they project on Facebook,
Little do we know it’s just
An animated look. 

We all have unending flaws,
Which we’re trying to claw.
Not being logical, 
Our dreams are ironical. 
We forecast a happy future,
Barring struggles, barring obstacles,
Failing to realize it’s all but an illusion.

We envy at other’s success
Instead of being proud, we whine at them. 
Our weaknesses are our enemies, 
But, at others, we put the blame of it. 

That girl has an impeccable figure,
Her face has no pigmentation; we merrily say.
Little do we know what sacrifices
Did they really made. 
We ink our minds that their life’s perfect. 
Ours’ is boring, sans adventure, not even a mystery.
We judge others, pointing out the ugliness,
Tell you what? You are no different than the rest.

Size, weight, age, height are just numbers; we proclaim,
Yet we victimize ourselves in this worldly game. 

We all are vulnerable, we all have imperfections.
Flaws define us, our scars revealing the real us. 


Ohhh! A tough one, seriously. 
It’s so easy to think about fancy words and their respectable rhymes, but sooo difficult to pen them! When I thought of writing on this particular theme, the points and words came up so easily but when I actually started writing, it was just so tough. 

Anyway, I wanted to write on this topic. It’s my most favorite(and vulnerable) topic. I always used to think that “Oh, I have so many flaws; my weight, the pimples on my face, my this, my that” etc etc. I always used to demoralize myself pointing the bad things about myself. But then I realize, we all have flaws! OKAY? We all have some or the other imperfection in our body/personality/behavior whatsoever! Some people are really good at masking it, and that’s why we think they’re perfect; because we can’t see their flaws.  

But seriously trust me, we all have flaws. And it’s nothing bad. We just need to work upon it. Hopefully, I’ll work on mine and make myself a better person. 🙂

Thanks for sticking so late to read this. 

PS: I love everyone who reads my posts! 😛 
Really THANK YOU. It’s motivating! 🙂
…until my next post

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