Sitting by the window side, she was sewing. It was the month of October. Winter was approaching yet it was raining. It had rained since past two days. But this rain was good. She felt good. The past memories rushed to her. Keeping the needle aside, she started drawing a smiling emoticon on the window, remembering those days. 

For some reasons, she became nostalgic: memories are always bitter and better. She had changed so much, she thought. Being carefree, unburdened and happy was all she could remember. Despite having few bad days, the happy days outnumbered it. Life was simple back then. 
Aww, now she was blushing.

She missed the old-herself. What’s not to miss about her? It is a complete contrast to today’s time. Though she was a 90’s child, she felt as if three decades has passed. This era of smart-phone has changed us drastically. And this is the reason why she disliked few things. Most importantly the fact that it was this technology that got her hooked into it. She was a smart-phone user since 2009, back then it was all so good. Just immediately text the person you miss or you wanted to talk to. But thinking about it now, can we really do that? In spite the technology reaching it’s summit and texting becoming super fast (thanks to improving networks) can we, I mean CAN WE REALLY REALLY (caps on importance personified) immediately just send a simple 2 letter syllable? NO. At least in her case. She has to think twice before even starting a conversation. 

We are smart-phone users, but if we go to the depth, we aren’t really a ‘smart’ ‘phone’ user.

She wanted to text few people so badly; tell them what is going on in her life and wanted to know what is going on theirs. She likes listening to people, more than just speaking.

Consciously realising the present scenario (which is worth mentioning) she hates this dumb step by Whatsapp; that blue tick, person seen and not replied. Oh GOD, what a wicked thing! 

This WhatsApp has become so overrated that it has become suffocating now. It’s not that she is against the use of Whatsapp but what infuriates her is that she can’t fully utilise the most basic feature of it: she can’t text the people whom she wants to text. 

Perhaps they suffer through the same thing, she says; to calm herself.
This maybe because of the lack of communication through these months or years. She recalls her experience. She was sooo close to this one person. They were great friends. Suddenly that person walked out of her life, and again she met him/her few months back. She was so thrilled to cherish their new friendship, but seriously it was nothing like that. Everything was changed. There was nothing to talk about except small talks. And it annoyed her so much. Leaving her with emotions like feeling angry yet fragile.

She wished she could say few things to some people, but she couldn’t. She wanted to, but at the same time she didn’t.

You see, its a lot easier to picture in your brain how you want things to be, but this heart. AH! Human heart is wicked. Heart is governed by emotions, and that is what that screws us the most. 

“I wish I could have altered few things, or maybe if I had known this would happen, maybe just maybe I would have enjoyed those moments more intensely”, she stated.  

“I wish feelings weren’t communicable”, she said to herself. Little did she know sometimes wishes do come true.

But as they na, “Life gradually unfolds everything” and “everything happens for a reason”, I hope she finds a reasonable reason to whatever has happened.


The “She” in this post is anonymous. Please don’t bother finding her. 🙂 

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