Hidden in silience

It had been a very tiring day for Maanyata.Travelling in metros in summer of Kolkata was as it is a huge task. The compactness of the odour evaporating from the bystanders was making it suffocating to stand steadily. Since the morning, everything was going unplanned. 

Astonishingly, she got up at 7, a twenty-minute delay from her daily schedule. While being served her breakfast, her piece of toast burnt and thus making her stick to the glass of orange juice and khakras. Khakra! Oh, so Modiji’s staple is it today, she mumbled. 

Then, while entering the metro, her flip-flops got tore. Someone tipped on it and alas!

She was caught in a middle of a dilemma; “Should I carry this or walk as if my legs are fractured?” 

Added to the unbearable heat growing hotter as the crowd increased, Maanyata had to carry her flip-flops. 

“What are people going to think about me? Argh! Why is it happening today? What is today!?”

Added to it, instead of the passerby trying to help her, few had the guts to laugh! 

Irritated Maanyata cursed a few famous taglines to calm her senses. 

All the way to her destination she prayed the existence of a cobbler in her journey. 

Luckily, an old woman informed her of a cobbler who sits outside the metro station. Maanyata couldn’t stop thanking that kind lady. 
Oh, bless her soul and all the happy happy things for her, she prayed. 

Somehow, she reached her destination. 

Her job schedule began at 11 am. She began her work sharp at 11:10 and continued diligently till the lunch break. She was the type who preferred being engrossed in her work rather than nosing around the office drama. Her colleagues often joked about her and she was aware of it, yet she never, in her two years span of her duty, willingly indulged into any sort gossips. She was an introvert yet the profession she chose was contrasting; a Public Relations executive. 

On her way back home, her eyes rested on a giggling family. Three children with their parents were sitting opposite to each other in the scarcely populated metro. It was the last metro for the weekend. From their conversation, she derived that they were returning after having spent the day at a water park. The kids couldn’t stop gleaming with happiness and spoke highly of their enjoyment. 

The happy kids brought the reminiscent of her childhood. Her life took such a drastic turn after the death of her father, she had become the backbone of her family. Being the eldest, she automatically had to inherit the responsibilities. Her brother was studying architecture in Roorkee, her younger sister was married to the love of her life and well settled in Australia and her mother, who previously was a school teacher in Dehradun, came to reside with her. She never envisioned her doing the job at present, but the allure of pay scale, and a series of opportunity made her select it or rather it selected her. She did not complain of her present life, she was content with it seeing her siblings progress and lead a happy life for their respective future. But somewhere, seeing the kids reminded her of her playful days. 

There were times when she did not want to face the world, not be bothered about paying the bills, or handling a steady relationship, or traveling in the metros of Kolkata. But she never once whimpered. She accepted the choices of Life as her decisions and optimistically hide her feelings in silence. 

Her relatives consider her a lucky girl because she has an enviable job, a steady companion-to-be- husband and her siblings doing just fine with their lives. 

But Life in more implicit than it already is. Everyone has to deal with different events, leading to diverse choices. Our notion of perfect life, in spite of the presence of perfect things, is farcical. None of us is too happy with whatever we have because we always want what we don’t have. 

Sometimes, Maanyata thinks if it is possible the sun will not ascend, or the moon will not descend. In her “perfect” world, she ideate herself with a cup of hot chocolate with her comfy pajamas and no hormones to function so that she could feel numb and just breathe. 


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