My You

Dear you,

Do you still remember the first time you courted me roses saying those restricted words? Do you remember when we first met at your cousin’s house? How shyly you raise your eyes at me and how you nearly puked at the chai I had prepared? I abruptly presented your family and you with the snacks, yet you choose me. I nearly tripped over my saree when we went to a room when our elders told us to converse privately. Do you remember how did I blabber when you asked me about my education? Cooking was a “necessary qualification” considered that time to judge a girl as a “wifey material” so you had asked if I can cook, and I said no. You complimented me at the chai I prepared, and I was thrilled. I never told you back then, but that was the first time I had ever tried my hands at cooking. 

I always asked you what made you choose me as your wife and you always reasoned me with the chai I had prepared. At Kritin’s wedding last week our topic of engagement was raised and your cousin made me aware that the chai I’d prepared had salt in it. 

Ours was an arranged marriage, and somewhere I would like to believe it was a love at first sight. I had always been shy, but you made me comfortable. 
You laughed when I told you I’d never spoken to a male expect my brother and father.

Do you remember the time you asked me about my address so that you can send me letters? 

Do you remember the first sentence you wrote?

I still have all the 1250 letters you’d written to me in the span of ten months.
I drew you sceneries and birds and wrote my poems, and you always encouraged me to write more. Your compliments motivated me. The pages of our letters increased by each passing days.

The wait for your letter was excruciating the more we talked. The sense of urgency that made me nervous back then and I wished the transportation of our conversation be shortened, which is fulfilled in the present time. 

In the era of now, messages and thoughts are spoken and acknowledged within minutes. Talking over the telephone which seemed a boon for us back then, is minimal in present times for the new lovers. My past dream of the development of technology has become a reality today. 

Today is 30th November; your birthday and our 25th anniversary.

I have so many things to be thankful for. 

You, your letters and our memories. 

In spite of all the development, I truly believe we were so blessed to meet and luckier to be married. 

A year ago, you left me but your soul is still my mate. 
BUT please know that I do not miss your physical absence because I know you are protecting me, like before, like always. 
I have many more things to be thankful to the Almighty God than blame Him for our separation. 

I wish us a happy 24 years of being in love with each other and consider myself lucky to witness our 25th anniversary. 

I pray we celebrate our Golden Anniversary together.

You were, are and will be my soul mate. 

Yours always,


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