A Merry Christmas

2 days before 25th December:
It was Livisha’s last day in school. Winter vacations were about to begin.
People were hugging each other and saying goodbyes and wishing others a “Merry Christmas” and “Happy 2017.”
Any sort of religious holiday always has the aura to change the environment around, she thought.
It was her first Christmas that she was spending without her parents. She had moved in with her workaholic sister, Divisha, in Calcutta. She missed her hometown, Barr an interior in Jaipur, Rajasthan. People hardly knew anything about this tradition. It was just known that Christmas is a Christian tradition and that 25th December was a national Holiday.
Having lived her all life in practical illusion, whatever knowledge of Christmas she had was through books and what was portrayed in movies. All the lights, decoration, sound and the whole aura overwhelmed her.
Is it a big deal here maybe because it is a posh area with many Christians living here, she asked her Di.
No, Livi. Don’t you know? Christmas is one festival which is celebrated all over India and the World. There is no “my religion so only I will celebrate” thing about it.
Come, I shall give you a tour around the city on the Christmas eve!You’ll be shocked!
25th December:
Luckily, 24th December was a Saturday. After returning from here office half day, Divisha took Livisha and they started their exploration.
Livisha was thrilled. She liked exploring, it seemed an adventure to her. No matter how old you get, we all do get excited over little adventures.
On their way, various questions popped in Livi’s head. On sensing her inability to resist her questions her Di finally asked her to speak.
“We aren’t Christians and we don’t even believe in God, why do we celebrate Christmas?”
“It is a tradition. We celebrate the tradition. A lot of religion have their holidays centred around this time of the year. Winter is an occasion. So we celebrate the season, I guess.”
Her response was so simple yet so meaningful.
But Di, do everyone really celebrate it? Now a days it has more prominently become a regular occasion. People hardly recognize the real reason behind the celebration.
“Christmas which according to the belief is the day when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born. And since this was celebrated among the mass hence the name- Christ-mass”
What about Santa Clause then?
“Every event has to be associated to some kind of fiction so that people associate with it. There’s no hard and fast rule to about the tree as well. The coniferous trees are want grows during winter and they look beautiful, hence acts as a symbol of beauty.
The gifts that are given signifies a sort of love and care to the ones we are gifting. It necessarily doesn’t have to be the most expensive or very huge, a small mark of gesture, support, affinity amounts to a gift.
She was spellbound by what her sister was saying that they almost overlooked that they have finally arrived at the Church.
“So here we are at our destination. Lets get in and find our seats,” said Divisha.
She looked at her sister and signalled her to get out of the car.
“I don’t want to go there and just sit if we don’t believe in it. I want Christmas to mean something,” Livisha blurred.
“What do you think Christmas is about,” asked her sister.
I want this day to mean something. From the theory of it, Christmas is about love, sharing, kindness; birth of something good. And practically it means recognising the value of things we have. Celebrating the things which we have and of those which we don’t.
That evening they got to know what this day is all about. They gathered the street children and with them they went to have supper. After that, they bought them Christmas accessories and went in the Church.
It was midnight when they entered and the Father was concluding the speech;
“Thank you, dear Lord, for bringing these kind souls this night of the day. We stand together in good faith and belief that you send your only son to spread your gospel and die for our sins. That  sacrifice shows the love you have for each one of us. These people carry your teachings in the spirit. Bless them on this night and throughout. Amen.” 
With an Amen they ended their prayer and hugged each other.
Livisha looked at her sister and sheepishly said, “This really feels like my first Christmas.”

Though the theme may feel fictional, I believe that if we all contribute to be a little kinder from today, together we can be the kindest.
Merrrrry Christmas to all of you!
I wish everyone Happiness, Joy and Smiles!
Thank you for reading!
If any suggestions, please do convey. 🙂
Until my next post…
Keep re-reading the previous ones 😉

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