Timing: Timing is a wonderful verb. You wait for a perfect timing to make something happen. You wait for the perfect timing to pop that question. You wait for the right timing for a thing to occur. You wait and wait and keep on waiting till you feel that- that time has come and it’s your timing’s call for that to prevail. 

You wait for an appropriate timing to send that joke that you receive. You wonder whether you want to send that to your old-time friend. Whether they have already laughed on it or if that may mean to them that they need to indulge into small talks. You don’t want small talks, you want real-time talks so you wait till any big momentous occurrence. 

You wait till they first approach you so that you can talk all that pent up things within you and then make it seem that it happens just on time! 

You seek for signs and insights that you might just get to make your timing look plausible. 
But the truth is, timing is unpredictable. 

It’s now or never. 
Don’t let the time go. 
Seize that timing before it is past you.

Until my next post…
Re-read the previous ones! 😉 

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