Think happiness

You cry, you are breathing. Today is your birth-day. Your parents are rejoicing. Your parents debate over your name. You get a name. They think you’ll be happy.
Your parents think you’ll be happy if you eat green food as it is healthy. Religiously you eat and think you’ll be happy.
You get into a primary school. Your parents are planning for your bright future. They prepare you. Luckily, you crack the interview. You get into that lavish school. Your parents think you’ll be happy.
You grow up, you think studying a little less and playing a little more will  make you happy, you do so but yet you desire more…
You grow older, you get into a decent school but the neighbour seems to be always better. You are happy for them yet you think, you compare and console yourself to satisfaction.

Now you are an adolescent- you have fallen for a person but they doesn’t love us back. You think that person loving you back will make you happy. You start cajoling that person. Eventually, they fall in love with you. You think you are happy.
Adults you are now. You have difficult career choices to make. You strategise and choose your desired field. You get into your dream college. You think you  are happy.  
You have forwarded your CVs to big-shot MNCs now. Having half-clue of the position, you enthusiastically enter the corporate world. You face the big shots. You face the reality. You realize you are worth more. You quit the job. You think that will make you happy.
Your marriagable age has arrived. The society and you think you’ll be finally fully happy after you marry. You marry extravagantly. You go on a honeymoon. You enjoy. You think you are happy.
You decide between career or family. You choose one. You think that’ll make you happy.
Are you happy or are thinking that you are happy?
Note: Please do comment below what is happiness for you? Have you ever faced such kind of scenarios, if so, then how did you overcome or resolved it?
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Until then,
I hope you always stay happy.

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