Buy one, get one


When you buy something, you get it,
When you get it, you utlise it,
When you utilise it, you feel it’s worth,
When you feel its worth, you value it,
When you value it, you appreciate it,
When you appreciate it, you demand for more,
When you demand more, you want it.
When you want it, your needs expand,
When your needs expand, you become greedy.

When you become greedy, you buy one,
And when you finally buy another one, the you entrap yourself in the process.


Was it relatable to you? Did it made any sense? Isn’t it true in all the cases? Once we develop a taste/liking towards something we want more of it. In the process of getting more out of it, we start valuing it so much. We somewhat sideline certain other things, good or bad time will tell, but we do trade one thing for another.
Suppose take for example WhatsApp. You ‘bought’ it so as to satiate your technological expertise. Then you got it, you utilised, valued and, appreciated it. Soon you realise the demand, want and the need has expanded to greed.

In all of it, where do you think, can we draw a line?

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