A day for friends

A decade ago, I would be very excited to tie the band, the beautiful piece of rope, on all of my friends and bestfriend’s hand. I would buy the most expensive for my best friend and depending on my affection for them, I would discriminate while choosing the others.
I would buy them in bulk just in case when I tie on one friend’s hand, someone would see and they’ll feel bad if I don’t tie on theirs so I would keep (a lot of them) handy, you see just in case.
Time passed by, I matured through time. But till my high school, I would tie. During that time, people started to consider it childish, that there’s no need to tie a band  just to prove your friendship. One friendship day’s year I abided by this rule. And precisely so, now I can say it was a waste.
I played the rebel for sometime but then I realized, “Dude, why would you rebel for such a harmless cause?”
I analysed, how will I benefit me or anyone else by fighting against a harmless cause?
Then I realised yes, it’s important to have a friend’s day. That friend can be anyone, your sibling, your parents, that chai wale bhaiya you like the most, that rickshaw bhaiya who helped you cross that road when dogs were after you, your favourite friend who keeps nagging you but is always there, that one friend whose advice never works and yet you always go to them, that friend whose rants are never ending and at times you feel like punching them but you can’t because of their sweet smile, that friend with you are most jealous as they eat so much but still they don’t gain fat, that friend whom you go to in case of any technical emergency, that friend who listen your cries even at 3 am, that friend with you fight at 5 am! That friend whom you bitch about a little but love them equally. That friend who tutored you in your most difficult exam.

Those friends, that friend.

We all are so lucky to have these kinds of friends cross over way atleast once, and luckier if you have them.

So guys, respect and remember those friends always.

Last night, I personally texted a lot of my friends wishing them. It’s not that I had the world’s time. It was because somewhere I feel they have played a very crucial part in my life and I have been and am lucky to still have them in my life.

I know, not many are still our best friend, or even a friend, with whom we were friends with a decade ago, but I feel we should try to be in contact with them. Because somewhere or other they did play a crucial role in shaping what we sre today.
So guys, yes a Friendship’s day is very important to celebrate your REAL FRIENDSHIP.

I am not great at expressing verbally, words are all that I have so I hope you’ve had a great day with your friends. Always be there for them and criticize and encourage them to achieve their goals.

I hope you be the Jai to your Veeru everytime and whenever possible!
Happy friendship’s day!

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