Percepting movies: Stree (स्त्री)

Stree (स्त्री) is a Hindi language movie based on a genre of horror comedy.
Director: Amar Kaushik
Producer: Dinesh Vijan, Raj & DK
Screenplay: Raj Nidimoru & Krishna D.K.
Starring: Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi
If you are planning to watch Stree I’m sure it’s partly because of the oxymoronic tag of being a “horror comedy” genre associated with the movie Stree.

Stree was really a fresh take on many aspects of life. The story, being a ridiculously true phenomenon was one which intrigued me. I did my research upon the event and found it very engaging. Is it really true? How tragic if it has happened to those. My condolences to their families.

The movie begins as released in one of the trailers. The entire movie is based out of a town named Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. The movie makes it clear from the first few scenes that though the movie is based in a small town, the residents’ way of life is no way of ‘small town’. The protagonist of the movie, RajKummar Rao, Vicky, as a fitness & tech enthusiast. Some of the examples are very evident as we proceed towards the finality of the movie.

The movie presses on the obvious facts. Rajkummar Rao is matramugdh by a beauty. His town, which is haunted by a ‘chudail’ stree (woman) and during a 4-day Puja arrives at their town to “take” all the men as a sort of revenge of what the town had done to her and her husband and since then her atma has been bhatking.

The characters played Bittu (Aparshakti Khurana) and Jana(Abhishek Banerjee) adds layers to the story and establishes their friendship with Vicky. They are deemed to be the chuddy buddies but somewhere Vicky abandon them but they still try their best to protect him and in lieu take the risk of their life.
The ‘Ao stree, kal ana’ message is painted outside everyone’s home during this 4-day event because she stree hunts for men. The reason behind this is very funny and I’m sure you’ll be baffled.
The first half of the movie felt a bit stretched and few stances could have been avoided but the movie takes pace after the interval. The cinematography was very good.
I, being Rao’s fan ever since I saw Bose and Bareily ki Barfi, ofcourse I have an affinity towards him. I loved him in the movie though somewhere I felt his character was a bit stretched and overacted.
I thoroughly enjoyed Bittu & Jana’s role. Bittu, with his readymade jokes and a MP-ish tone was hilarious to endure. Also, from the trailer ‘aadhar linked hai’ dialouge by Rudra bhaiya played by Pankaj Tripathi, it was very good. I really liked him a lot. Though I have seen many of his movies, the dialogues he delivered in this was very quirky.

I particularly did not enjoy Shraddha Kapoor’s character a lot. At times I did not understand her expressions at certain scenes. It was very confusing to have her given a certain type of role. Maybe it was because of the layers of her character so it might also be that I failed to understand her character, at least in the beginning.

Web of word’s Perception of Stree:
Along with being a horror comedy, the movie also leaves a very quirky message. It would be wrong of me to reveal that because it is the essence of the entire movie. But I’m sure you’ll get it.
The comical aspect is very evident. The horror aspect has been well executed with the different types of sound effect.

There’s a very realistic tone to the movie. One aspect I would definitely like to mention, the dialogue by Rudra bhaiya “Woh Stree hai, purush nahi jo zabardasti kare… Anumati leke aati hai” has to be my favourite from the lot.  I loved it.

I also agree that “Stree sirf 2 cheezo ki bhooki hoti hai…”
If you want to know what’s that 2 cheezo, definitely go and watch the movie yourself. It’s a fresh take. I hope to see such movies being made more often now.

Script: 2/2.5
Acting: 1.5/2.5
Song: 1/2.5
Overall: 2/2.5

Ratings: 6.5/10

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