That first dream, that first love


Dreams and love, love and dreams. Love your dreams or, or let your dream show you your true love you.

So we all do remember our first dream, right?

“I want to be a teacher, astronaut, doctor, hair designer, joker, circus wala, a singer perhaps, a cartoon voice-over artist, a heroine maybe, footballer, or or, a creative chef”, and such beautiful, imaginary but really the things which touched us sooooo dearly and we just wanted to be that, so certain that we CAN really be that, without anyone telling us that “hey, you can’t be that.”

Do you ever think what made you want to aspire and fulfill that dream? Do you remember why you thought that dream, or what motivated you to become that dream?

But more importantly, are you following your dream, that first dream? If so, that’s great. Nothing can make you happier. And I hope you’re happy, genuinely and honestly happy-happy. But if not then why did you not pursue your dream? WHY?

Is it worth the path you’ve chosen instead? Is not following your dreams making you happy? If yes, then good going. If not, then don’t you think that childhood sweetheart You deserves their wishes to be fulfilled? No matter how crazy, impossible and far-fetching it may seem, your childhood dreams deserve to be tried; if not fully fulfilled but definitely needs to go through that first phase of trial and error.


So, do you remember your first love? Someone that you loved or someone that loved you? In all probability, your first memory of your first crush was perhaps your first love or you were theirs.

Do you remember how it went? Did you guys ended up dating, did you gather the final courage and pour your heart out to them and were they open enough to convey their young, unconditional love to you?

Or did you just ended up swallowing your pride, passed it off as an adolescent phase or infatuation and did not do anything about it. If you did that, chances are that’s how you are- silent, laid back, not going much after your goals and seldom-if not always- procrastinate your dreams, love, and life.

Don’t you think what could’ve happened if you’d make that one brave approach to unclog your hearts out to that someone? Sure, it might had been embarassing had they turned you down, but ALAS! You and I will never know…because we never tried.

That’s what I want to someup. What could have happened if we’d tried one step, tried to propose, tried to break up sooner, tried to book that ticket, tried that solo trip, tried to move out of your comfort zone, tried to fill that college form away from your city, tried to pursue your dream course, tried not to think too much about the money, tried not to be too goverened by the present challenges and tried a little too hard to not let those emotions overwhelm you?
You know, we’ll never know the answers to that… but what we might know is that we still have the time. We are still not that far.

You can still pursue your dream. You can still send a innocent greetings to your first love/crush. You can still pursue that foreign course, you can still be what your eleven or fifteen, or even the rebellious and overly enthusiastic nineteen year believed you can do- you should do it. If not for your twenty or thirty-year-old self- BUT do it for the sake of your fifty-year self- who will in future look back at the present you and might again whine about this you and over a cup of chai, with new technologies gheraoing them thinking had I taken that baby step…what could have happened?


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