A family trip to Shikharji

On trip to Shikharji,12am: We’re on our way to Shikharji, the most pious teerth-sthaan of us Jains, which is believed to be the moksh sthaan of 20 out of the 24 Jain trithankars.

A view of the mountains in Shikharji, Jharkhand
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It was a sudden trip, and as usual, I was the last one to know (few hours ago) that yes we’re going to Shikharji.

In Bengal, there are seldom any place of tourism so whenever anyone wishes to go somewhere, the choices stay limited to Puri, Digha, Mandarmani and of the likes.
Shikharji is like the Holiday resort for Jains. “Kahi jana hai, Shikharji chalo.”

We’re are 19 family members, including my kiddo sisters and neices. Today is also my favourite couple, my Masi & Masaji’s anniversary. We got two cakes and celebrated on the bus while it was getting pumped up with petrol! Oh… such memories! Haha!

Since birth, group travel has always been my favourite; probably because maybe that’s what I’ve all done my life. But also, Family trip do brings everyone closer. When the entire family comes together, it’s a blast! And eventually eveyone becomes happier.

Also I feel, in the recent times, in cities like Kolkata where joint family structure are slowly loosing their prominence, family trips are the best way to reminisce the old times and connect better.

Speaking of connect, I need to connect with my family and I’ve promised myself to stay away from the social media as much as I can. I’ll only just write my thoughts and feelings from time to time so as to keep my experiences updated.

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