A glorious treat

At certain phases of our life we all think that we are going through the worst times of our present life. We think about the worst possibilities the future holds and how the a certain past has affected the present. We all think that only we are the ones who are experiencing the adversaries. The world around us always seem happy, incredible, while ours are the only which seems plausible.
We all go through different acts, we all have to go through different circumstances to a great mystery of Life. Every one seems to be concerned and engrossed in solving the knots of their life. While many of us feel our burden are the greatest, many times we compare our experiences with others but instead of bettering, it only further adds to our realities. We try to comply that we are the worst affected. The worst are bound to happen only to us. And to top it all, many a times such circumstances happen which seems like the surrounding is trying to mock us. Only at the lowest point do we loose all the faith and just accept this is the worst and nothing better is going to happen any soon.
But just like Life presents us with unexpected circumstances, few moments of relief comes by.
We realise that we aren’t the only ones worst affected. That human tragedy is profound. Many people go through great tragedies with some inexplicable fault of theirs.
An encounter with a boy made me write and be intrigued about this reality.
I never had ever eaten alone, not even puchkas. I always had someone, sometimes sudden encounters with acquaintances would give me a company, so I was feeling very awkward that day since I was famished and alone. Now that I think, that day bound to be different, to have many of my firsts.
On being assured that I have enough money as no one was going to rescue me if I am short of it, I happily entered Dominos. I ordered my favourite and eyed a corner seat and sat there. I giggled at the surrounding; couple 1, couple 2, a trio and a family. As if the universe’s mock was not evident, I realized they all were staring at me for few seconds; probably thinking I’ve had a breakup.
I am quite sure as a guy stared at me but I guess my “bitch please” face scared him.
Because, well, a girl can’t eat without having being aware of her surrounding. She can’t be just famished. Oh, the complexities is endless.
But before anything could happen further, my order was served. I was blessed by Gods of Food, thankfully.
I choose my seat and began to eat.
I was lost into the music playing through my earphones to look around the zone. Upon finishing my meal and on the end of the song, I made my way to my destination.
As I stood up, I saw a boy, hardly 6 years of age standing in the cue counting his coins and notes on the floor. As his turn came up the girl told her that he’s short of 3 rs and that to come up with the exact amount. No, the girl was not rude, she was just doing her job. Sympathy is not greater than money in this world.
I was blantly staring at the boy.
On hearing this he did flinched. But he went out and asked his mother, who was sitting right outside the restaurant’s stairs, for the extra money.
She searched her torn pouch and handed him six 50paisa coins.
The boy rushed and gave it to the girl and she booked his order.
I was still there, standing, observing what has just happened.
Exactly 12 minutes later, his order was served and he went out with it.
He sat on the stairs with this mother.
It was such a painful scenario.
He began indulging on his glorious treat. He offered his mother a slice of the pizza but she declined, like all of our mothers do.
I couldn’t accept what had just happened. Before my tears could make their way, I made my way from there.
I went out and stood at the corner and watched the boy. Twenty minutes ago he was this fragile, timid looking boy. Twenty minutes hence, here was this boy, happiest ever. Just like the hot melting cheese he was smiling. Lord of the Food had blessed him.
His eyes were so happy for that moment that it was a delight to watch him.
I wanted to go and ask him something but my legs wouldn’t move. I wanted to ask him what are you. What have you been through. What struggles have you seen at such an age but I couldn’t.
At an age where children are supposed to think only about games, here was this boy, and probably millions like him, who are struggling to enjoy a meal like this.
Earning money and thinking if its enough for the day’s meal.
It made me soothe my troubles. For a moment, I felt blessed atleast we are few lucky ones who dont go through such scenarios.
All of us struggle in some way or the other. We think our struggle are the hardest. Human miseries are profound and only after scrutinizing each person’s life can we understand what they all go through.
As Harper Lee right quoted
“You never really understand a person untilyl you consider things from his point of view-  until you climb inside of his skim and walk around in it.”
Understanding a person doesn’t always need to be sympathetic. Human emotions are very twisted; hard to fathom and  harder to decode.
I wanted to ask him so many things.
But I didn’t because I couldn’t.
The incident made me realize that happiness in this world is very, very temporary. It lasts for about moments. It is on us to make that moment be remembered and cherished so that in trying times we value it carefully.
I hope that there comes many such glorious treat moments for the boy, and for everyone who is reading this.
Until next…


  • Shruti Dugar

    Shruti is a Copywriter & Editor. She specializes in writing about eCommerce, SaaS, Edtech & Marketing. She authored & self-published a book that is available on Kindle. Apart from reading for work, she spends most of her time reading underrated books, riding her bike to get the creativity flowing, and exploring veg restaurants.

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