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“When you truly want something the whole world conspires in helping you achieve it” – Paulo Coelho ; Alchemist.
Many of my friends keep hearing this quote very occasionally whenever we indulge into deep conversations. Most the time they ‘point out’ it to be the hindi version of the famous dialogue from Om Shanti Om.
And half of the I insist on explaining the whole English version to be the primary ‘inspiration’ of the dialogue. No offences but its important to be knowledgeable of the facts.
So after I’ve had this debate with them I try to equate why I use this so often. Why this quote is so symbolical, so true in our everyday lives. Because we are always wanting more and more. When we have the thing which we want we try to achieve the next big thing we dream and the materialistic process continues in circle. This quote is one of the best example to achieve our goal.
Materialistically, if we do hard work we get what we want.
Spirituality, when we truly desire it, the world make that thing available to us.
Something of the both happened with me recently.
I took a very difficult risk, a risk everybody warned me about. As per all, I had got through the most coveted college, Symbiosis Bangalore. I was happy, my surrounding were the happiest on this endeavour of mine because everybody was aware of my craziness a year before; how every sentence of mine had Symbiosis in it.
The phase from October in Kolkata till March in Bangalore were still a dreamy state. I gave SNAP through all the adversities and internship and exams. I had struggled for it. I gave it without any tuitions. Why this SNAP was all of a big deal because it had MATHS. I had to face maths after abandoning it for 5 years. I took it as a challenge, faced it and nailed it and didn’t discuss about the question paper.
Got over with it and life went busy.
In January the first results were out I was surprised to know that I was shortlisted for the interview.
I couldn’t believe for few hours that a Dream had come true because I was hopeless that I would make it.
What started whole as a dream, partially was fulfilled. When my mother got to know about it, as expected:
“No way”
After days of coaxing, she allowed to appear for the interview.
February went by in excitement and preparations.
March had come by then.
College exams were on the schedule which made me excite all the more.
On 4th March, a big dream came true.
There was I waking up at 4, ready by 6 for an interview which was scheduled at 12.
Sharp at 11:55 I arrived at the campus.
It was a dream. The first thing I did was look at the sky and said Thank you, the watchman looked awkwardly at me and I gazed sheepishly at him.
And at that point of time I made a declaration to myself, whether I get selected or not I will forever cherish this moment.
The whole process went smoothly. The environment was very friendly.
Why this was all the more special because of 2 reasons
1- I had specifically bought a blazer for it. Oh, shopping for a blazer in the month of February – an act to remember!
2- This was my first official interview and most definitely turned out to be the best one.
The panelists were very cordial and understanding. The GE was worth to experience and remember.
I was never really a selfie person before, but that moment I wanted the time to still. I just wanted to look at the sky and scream the Quote. I took multiple selfies just in case the other gets deleted.
But TIME! It went on. The cab was waiting. One last look, drop of a tear with a big smile and bye Symbiosis.
For whole one week I talked only about it. Time went on, university exams came. Among these the results were out.
I got through it.
I was the happiest.
I got what I wanted.
I had prayed for it.
I had struggled for it.
I had got the blessing for it.
A dream had come true.
I did not book the seat, though.
I did not take admission into the thing I had always wanted.
Majority people’s suggestion were against my decision and I grew tired of their constant, repeated, mainstream reasoning why MBA is the END GOAL.
My reasoning seemed less valuable so I stopped discussing about it with narrow minded people.
Its hard for people to acknowledge this emotion as to why I didn’t take it there when this is what I wanted since past 7 months.
Its harder for me to explain people why this was so important for me.
For a time I regretted because all the precious money I drained just to fulfill a dream, but I came past through it. Nothing is every wasted until you’ve learned from it.
Practically this hard to rationalize. But emotionally its liberating.
I still feel so happy thinking I fulfilled my dream. I got through Symbiosis. I have stopped explaining people why I didn’t take it. Some believe it some don’t. Some understand, some refuses to broaden their horizon.
I have a plan but I do not know whether it will work so adventure awaits and I believe,
“When you truly want something the whole world conspires in helping you achieve it”
So root for me, one last time, please? 🙂


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