If you are a reader, then Web of words is the WRITE place for you! 😀

And btw, hiiiiiiiii! 😀

My name is Shruti Dugar and…

webofwords shruti dugar

Web of words is where I post my stories, my experiences, my failures, my learnings. My perspectives, my feelings. About my work. About the projects I am working on. About my crazy bike rides. About my learning from the various MOOCs I take. It’s like an e-diary, really! xD

Though I started writing earlier on Google’s Blogpost, and then when I started learning about digital marketing, I thought let’s have a legit place on the web, hence I ideated, webofwords.in 🙂

Coming to work… Coincidently, it was through this blog that I could land a few freelance works. I have worked as a creative content writer, book reviewer, e-commerce writer, ghostwriter (boooo! :P) and my most favourite, as a copywriter! 😀 

Currently, I am working as a freelance copywriter, content editor and helping MSMEs scale their business through the power of words. I am keen to take new and exciting projects, So if you’re in search for a writer, *blink, blink* you are at the “Write” place! 😀

Oh, and do you know? Recently, I published my book, too!

You can buy it here 😀

So, all in all, the Web of words is like an e-home to my words. I urge you to please go through my writings and please critique. I hope we can have a healthy discussion over there. You can check my work portfolio and brands I have worked with on the “Published work” tab.

Some works are not accredited to me, well, because, umm, those are a part of FREELANCE work! So in case, you need to determine my writings and see my ghost-work, please DM or email me at shrutidugar8@gmail.com

Meanwhile, if you landed here after searching for a writer through LinkedIn or Google or FB, you can also check out the services I can help you with. If need be, we can have a quick call and maybe we can figure out a write a strategy for you! 😀


Oh btw, did I mention, I am also the President (duh not really of India! 😛 )…

I am the President of the Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship wing of West Bengal, of Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME). It is a cluster of businesses and young entrepreneurs from all over India, charged up to network with like-minded people and make a mark of themselves. My role as a head of WEE wing is to encourage more women in my state to take up entrepreneurship and make a mark for themselves.

I am also one of the editors of CIMSME’s monthly magazine, Communiqe.


That’s all about me and Web of words, dear readers! Let’s connect to contribute to each other’s unique life’s journey. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 😀


  • Shruti Dugar

    Shruti is a Copywriter & Editor. She specializes in writing about eCommerce, SaaS, Edtech & Marketing. She authored & self-published a book that is available on Kindle. Apart from reading for work, she spends most of her time reading underrated books, riding her bike to get the creativity flowing, and exploring veg restaurants.