If you are a reader, then Web of words is the WRITE place for you! 😀

And btw, hiiiiiiiii! 😀

My name is Shruti Dugar and…

webofwords shruti dugar

Web of words is where I post my stories, my experiences, my failures, my learnings. My perspectives, my feelings. About my work. About the projects I am working on. About my crazy bike rides. About my learning from the various MOOCs I take. It’s like an e-diary, really! xD

Though I started writing earlier on Google’s Blogpost, and then when I started learning about digital marketing, I thought let’s have a legit place on the web, hence I ideated, webofwords.in 🙂

Coming to work… Coincidently, it was through this blog that I could land a few freelance works. I have worked as a creative content writer, book reviewer, e-commerce writer, ghostwriter (boooo! :P) and my most favourite, as a copywriter! 😀 

Currently, I am working as a freelance copywriter, content editor and helping MSMEs scale their business through the power of words. I am keen to take new and exciting projects, So if you’re in search for a writer, *blink, blink* you are at the “Write” place! 😀

Oh, and do you know? Recently, I published my book, too!

You can buy it here 😀

So, all in all, the Web of words is like an e-home to my words. I urge you to please go through my writings and please critique. I hope we can have a healthy discussion over there. You can check my work portfolio and brands I have worked with on the “Published work” tab.

Some works are not accredited to me, well, because, umm, those are a part of FREELANCE work! So in case, you need to determine my writings and see my ghost-work, please DM or email me at [email protected]

Meanwhile, if you landed here after searching for a writer through LinkedIn or Google or FB, you can also check out the services I can help you with. If need be, we can have a quick call and maybe we can figure out a write a strategy for you! 😀


Oh btw, did I mention, I am also the President (duh not really of India! 😛 )…

I am the President of the Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship wing of West Bengal, of Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME). It is a cluster of businesses and young entrepreneurs from all over India, charged up to network with like-minded people and make a mark of themselves. My role as a head of WEE wing is to encourage more women in my state to take up entrepreneurship and make a mark for themselves.

I am also one of the editors of CIMSME’s monthly magazine, Communiqe.


That’s all about me and Web of words, dear readers! Let’s connect to contribute to each other’s unique life’s journey. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 😀