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Hola, don’t drink Coca-cola! 😛

If you found this funny, then you should definitely buy my book, Alphabets of life, which is a collection of short stories and poems.

I started writing them on THIS very blog and I thought to immortalise it to a book format, so I have published on Kindle.

Alphabets of life

A little disclaimer about the book: Alphabets of life is a conscious collection of short stories and poems.

From humorous stories to chapters which will make you ponder deep about life, the daily happenings and how minute incidents eventually add up to the bigger picture in our life!

Just grab your hot cup of drink and your kindle in one hand and enjoy these stories that make you realise this world is all about these alphabets that make up the word life!

The book aims to provide the readers with a fresher perspective to life.

I hope you have a great time reading it.

If you have any feedback or if you want me to write anything for you, please reach out to me at “”

Looking forward to your email! 🙂


  • Shruti Dugar

    Shruti is a Copywriter & Editor. She specializes in writing about eCommerce, SaaS, Edtech & Marketing. She authored & self-published a book that is available on Kindle. Apart from reading for work, she spends most of her time reading underrated books, riding her bike to get the creativity flowing, and exploring veg restaurants.