An unfit incident

Do you often encounter with something so basic and you know you shouldn’t be doing it but you still do… and you do that out of sheer impulse. You know there is no immediate need of doing it but in the battle of heart and brain, the heart always win.
Inspite of having a lot, we often overlook what we possess in search of things we want to possess.
Well, something of similar sort happened with me recently.
As it happened…
You go to buy shoes. You have enough stock of footwear at home already pleading that you wear them but your mood is very good and today by luck you just received your pocket money so you stand the happiest. You passby a shoe shoppe. You go with a motive of buying a monsoon friendly footwear but your eyes selects the most isolated but unique pair of sneakers. You hopelessly murmur it fits your size. It does. You are happy. You bargain a bit and are successfully. You feel the happiest. In such excitement you pack your old (and loyal) shoe and wear the new one and off to college you go. Friends compliment and you cannot but feel proud of yourself. You come to home. Bit uncomfortable you feel. Thinking its first day and without socks you sush the pain away.
You send picture to your buddies flaunting your shopping skills
Delighted you feel when they compliment you.
Next day feeling confident off you go. On way you feel your toe hurting. You try to walk straight but the pain won’t go away.
Somehow you manage the day but as you come home, the horror story unfolds.
You see your toes bent and swollen.
You don’t want to accept because you know you checked;
But the Brain knows the best- the shoe you bought is a size small- please don’t neglect.
Upset. Regret. Wrecked.
Emotions wouldn’t end.
All happy future expectation shatters.
That night you waste your time thinking what is LIFE all about.
The things you love rips your heart again and again.
Next day you go to a market and see the same shoe (and large size available) with a lesser price.
You want to faint.
Your bargaining skills were after all not excellent.
You think not to confront with friends. Knowing that they would Laugh and mock at you, you are ashamed.
Lecture from mom is what you dread.
Happiness is after all a one moment event.
At right that moment is when reality hits you, how callously money you spent.
Carried away by emotions is not a right thing.
You want to forget that incident but forgiving yourself is the only way to it.
This event once again taught me how important it is to forgive yourself before anything else. Forgiving ourselves, I believe, is one of the toughest thing to do. Because you see, when the need of forgiving others come we may or may not forgive them.
Only when we truly come to realize the severity of it do we realize what forgiving truly is.
Forgiving oneself is very tough. Because it is not possible not to talk to oneself. You stand infront of the mirror and look at reflection and all you want is to give a good lecture on how YOU are wrong. The memories of your acts haunt you until you come in terms with it. And here, ignorance is not a bliss.
So by this act again I learned a great lesson about forgiving, how powerful emotions really are and yes the more you confront about it laughingly, the better your life will become!
Thank you for reading!
Hope you too encounter such acts which shall help you to be better.
Until the next post,
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Aahhhh! It felt so good writing after such a longggg time! 😀


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