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Dear Bhaai, I would like to draw your kind attention through my this naive post. Its been 18 years since I’d been tying you many types of fancy threads, Popularly known as Rakhi, and its been 2 years since I have started couriering the best possible of it. Its strangely shocking to note that before […]

Never Give Up

Never give up because great things take time As I start to frame this article, as suggested by my talented friend, Anchal, I cannot help but force myself to remember why did she gave me this topic? I agree that this is a wonderful quote and rightfully correct. NEVER GIVE UP These three words are […]


Timing: Timing is a wonderful verb. You wait for a perfect timing to make something happen. You wait for the perfect timing to pop that question. You wait for the right timing for a thing to occur. You wait and wait and keep on waiting till you feel that- that time has come and it’s your […]


According to Gyan ka Bhandar- Google, “Fear of missing out  or FoMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social angst is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.” In these present times it has become very important to […]

The Process

We all have certain dreams, not matter how wild. Some seem unachievable but yet we do our best to pursue it. On the process of achieving it we face hurdles, a lot of hurdles which is unique to all. We cannot explain to someone the great lengths we went to pursue it because some understand […]


Smile Among the most simple and cheerful word in the English Language dictionary which makes the person do exactly what it really signifies; smile. Father annoyed at your recent overloaded expense? Just tell them “won’t do it again” and “Smile.” Mom angry at you for not washing your clothes well? “Sorry ma, I will do […]

Calm amidst chaos

By now, people around me might have gone frustrated as I still cannot get over the thing what happened on 28th March 2017. MY BROTHER GIFTED ME LAPTOP WITH HIS SAVINGS! AND ITS BEEN LESS THAN A YEAR SINCE HIS FIRST JOB.  Remember “Gift of Magi” by O.Henry? Yeah, I have been feeling that way. IT IS A […]

Name forsaken

Times are evolving. And this year I feel it more intensly than ever. All my nearbys are going through some drastic change. Well, for starters people are growing up! But I, being me, still wont stop cracking awkward jokes and silly (read: meaningful) PJs. My environment is surely changing. My siblings are landing esteemed jobs. […]

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