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The Untamed Mind

My twisted thoughts never shuts up,  Blabbering the unsaid words. Repeating the history,  Never leaving my mind for peace.  Words haunt my dreams,  Unconsciously without me wanting it, I wish I knew some ways to Eradicate it.  I over-think on what peopleThink about me,I know its not wise,Yet, I still leave it to affect me. […]

Rain and Petrichor

“Ah! Rain finally” would all that everyone right now must be posting, no wait, “alerting” people about rain, which might irritate few, but yeah whatever! It is raining in Kolkata! After much pleading & begging, Suraj Bhagwan did lower His brightness(43C), fulfilling His Bhakto ka iccha. Such a good God! Haha! It was so unbearable for people, to even […]

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt so vulnerable,That you feel clueless? Have you ever felt so helpless,That you feel totally defenseless? Have you ever felt so stupid for exposing the true you,And then regretted it so that you could redo? Have you ever felt guilty for telling the truth,Instead of soothing a lie? Have you ever exposed your true feelings to someone,Feeling […]

Childhood and innocence.

“Childhood: The period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth.”  This sentence is so powerful, so true. Those idiocies and follies strengthened us and helped us to become what we are today.  Childhood is itself an era of one’s life. Everyone has their own childhood story which is precious to […]

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