Dear Bhaai,
I would like to draw your kind attention through my this naive post.
Its been 18 years since I’d been tying you many types of fancy threads, Popularly known as Rakhi, and its been 2 years since I have started couriering the best possible of it. Its strangely shocking to note that before today I never really realized the utmost importance of this event. In those 18 years, I’d been so casual that I never even thought the relation between a brother and a sister is such a pious one. No, I am not going to write highly of you or me because we both know how fake that would turn to be. Had it been in those 18 years and someone would have asked me to produce an essay on this subject, I would happily highlight all the negativities about you and how much I loathe you but now, I laugh at my thinking.
Our relationship was never an amicable one. As much my memory expands, I can only recall how poles-apart opinion and choices we had. I used to think how could we ever be siblings when none of our anything ever co-related? We had a fight on daily basis and our neighbours probably would have gone crazy hearing us.
I was always considered the a serious student, perhaps because my lack of interest in maths and science. I used to dread- and still dread- that ominous subjects. I am 100% positive, had it been not for you, I would have never ever scored 64 in Maths and successfully cleared Science with distinction.
There was a time when I used to be confused and irritated to see people affectionate towards you just because you opted for science and since I destined myself with Humanities- popularly known as Arts-and consequently everyone looked down upon me. Probably because it was agreed upon as a weak stream.
I wanted to prove that every subject is equally tough and its not NECESSARY to compare science with each and everything and also everyone should not base their opinion on what “others” say or think.
Luckily, I distinctly scored a 87% in my Boards and surpassed you to my amaze because I never believe I could out-do you.
It was you who discovered the arrogant and egoistic characteristic in me. Perhaps, the first person to notice the rude and pathetically obnoxious in me were you. I actually never quiet believed it until last year. And trust me, I am SO changed! I go and talk to people now. I precisely remember you said
“Had I been not your brother, we would never even be friends.”
I would imagine how different would everything be if I had a junior brother or matured elder sister but then, God gifted a sister in me to you!
And this makes me write that you were my worst enemy but a best friend. Always optimistic, always always. Being introvert but helpful, unbiased and practical in every sense and situation. Whatever optimism I have is been derived  from you.
I see so many happy images with “selfie withsibling” on trend and I cant help but wish you were here. I see brothers’ hand full with beautiful Rakhi and unintentionally tears pool my eyes.
Do you remember the time when we had a bet who would start earning first and Loo, its that time. We are grown up.
I miss those days when we would save money just to buy packet of cheetoes and uncle chips. When I would rush to buy bhelpuri and you for kachoris. When we would fight over who be handed the remote, which side of bed would you sleep, the debate would be whether it was Tom&Jerry or Doraemon to be watched. Was it Aloo tikka or paneer tikka to be served as starter was focus of tension. And that quarrel who shall eat the last slice of pizza!
Those were The Days!
Now, I… I feel weird of the passing days. Why did we grow up? How beautiful are those memories. I wish we had clicked more photos for every embarrassing event.
Today, Bhaai, I miss you very much and cannot do anything but voice my words.
Living without you for 3 years made me realize your importance and how lucky and guided I am to have an elder sibling.
And as much as I would like to live in a denial mode, I don’t want to. Because we must embrace life.
Bhaai, happy rakhi.
Hope you remember my gift as I want it ASAP!
Come soon, bhaai. 
Your sisters are eagerly waiting.
Hope you good luck and immense prosperity.
Ms attitude queen.


  • Shruti Dugar

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