Book review: From Nothing to Everything by Rami Ranger

Rami Ranger, an Indian by birth and a successful English businessman by profession documents his autobiography in his latest book, “From Nothing to Everything: An inspiring saga of struggle and success from £2 to a £200 million business”.

Truly, the book does is an inspiring account of how a college graduate from the recent independent era of new India finds his way to the British land and marks his way to a very successful export-import business, Sun Mark.
The book has been carefully sorted into 4 parts which describes his step-by-step progress, starting from “Nothing” to achieving ‘Everything.”

The book begins with describing the pre-independent era of India, where everything was a turmoil. The description of that time almost makes you recall your history textbooks and the-then on-going incidents for India’s need for freedom from the British rule. Ranger lost his father at a young age to a very unfortunate assassination; he was a lawyer who campaigned against the partition of India-Pakistan based on religious grounds. His determined mother made sure all of her eight children have a normal life and thus overtook all challenges for the children’s betterment.

It was in 1971 when Ranger first came to England to study law and become a renowned barrister and return to India but fate had planned a different course. Coming from a different country to a different country with a different culture, religion and perception, he had to face many discrimination but it was early on when realization stuck him that being respected does not comes for free, you have to earn it. Thus started his tryst with various meager and managerial roles he played until it was time for him to set up his business.

Rami Ranger’s story is of determination and grit. He made many wrong decision, got rejected, was cheated but in spite of it all did not let In the course of laying the foundation of business, without actually going to any elite business school to being called at top business school for inspiration. From starting with a £2 his first business, Sea, Air and Land Forwarding to a £200 million Sun Mark, which has won five successive Queen’s Awards for being a leading figure in the UK’s Asian diaspora.

With his entrepreneurial success, he equally promoted for development of the Asians in the UK, fostered brotherhood among the Indian and Pakistani communities and their rightful recognition and eventually became a known name in the British government.

This is an inspiring story for all to read who have somehow lost their track to their goals. One should not be put down by circumstances but instead challenge it until they succeed. And as Rami himself put it, “Efforts is in the hands of man, rewards are in the hand of God.”


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