Book review: Origin by Dan Brown

At the outset of it, the book is a perfect thriller mystery. The book is based on a theme that is an age-old conflict- science versus religion. Futurist Edmond Krisch- an atheist billionaire computer scientist, who has fathered much technological advancement and is credited to the ever evolving work in progress in the sphere of artificial intelligence and brain science. He is about to reveal a mind-boggling theory that is to change the way we think and challenge our notion and origin: where did we come from? Where are we going?

A grand set-up has been created by Krisch at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, but an untimely murder halts this scientific revelation. We are introduced to Brown’s omnipresent character, Harvard Professor Robert Langdon, who is Edmond’s teacher and a great friend. Determined to execute what Edmond could not do, he along with Museum Director Ambra Vidal, discover and unbury the truth that has challenged religious supreme and is successful in answering,”What is our destiny? What is our origin?”

While reading the book, one who is new to Brown’s detailed description will find themselves to googling pictures of all the architectures marvels and the impeccable modern art that he has so beautifully worded. If one has read any of Dan Brown’s work, one is well familiar and accustomed to his style of writing; his ways of depicting miniscule details about even the most mundane things. His work in Origin is no different to his previous in that respect. The theme of the book really consumes you and till the very end you are left to think whether the future is really technology driven, and if so to what extent?

With immense details whether it is Darwin’s theory of evolution or Miller-Urey astounding science theory, any science enthusiast is sure to be hooked to this book and its content.


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