Book review: Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma, the Canadian born author of the much famed book “Leadership Wisdom from the Monk who sold his Ferrari”, writes yet another enticing book, “Who will cry when you die?.”

Much like most of Sharma’s other books, the genre is the same: self-development and be the best version of themselves. “Who will cry when you die?” shouldn’t be read just as a motivational book though, because most of what is said in the book are the things we already know about. Rather, one should read it as a practical guide and who are keen to take actions. The book is filled with inspirational quotes and philosophies of the greatest people in the human history and Sharma dwells how we can too make use of their attitude towards life and be the best versions of ourselves.

The book is divided into 101 short stories ranging for about two-three pages which is written as a personal experience of the author and how, in certain stories, lives of greatest souls inspired him bringing an anecdote to our modern lives. Throughout the book, Sharma is pertinent to allure his readers into a positive and a calming environment that his book provides. The book begins with a short story “Discover your calling” where he writes that we all have a special talent and irrespective of our age or whatever our present external condition might be, we are worthy enough to pursue and fulfill it. We all are here for some unique purpose and before our time’s are up, we should fulfill it.

The title of each of the stories will put a smile to your face and one is sure to have read/applied this philosophy in their daily lives. Stories like “Schedule Worry Breaks” “Talk to Yourself”, “List your Problems” “Plant a tree”, “Learn how to Walk” “Be the CEO of your life” offers a pragmatic approach to life and how we should tap on these to avail our optimum potential. Throughout the book, author encourages us to make a journal and fill it with our thoughts everyday because only we can change ourselves only when we want to.

Anecdotal stories like “Think about your ideal neighborhood”, where author urges us to imagine that our inspirations and gurus live just next to us and how thinking and imagining this will make us a discover more about ourselves and make us move closer towards our goal. In particular, the story “Bless your money” was very realistic and if we practice it daily, we are sure to benefit from it.

The stories are very engaging and uplifting if we read it with full conviction, and if we practice these theories, we are bound to be benefited from it. Throughout the book, Sharma talks about all the books he has read that inspired him to fulfill his dreams and how every philosophy has nurtured him to create a legacy.

The last story concludes the entire essence of the book, it urges us to take control and become the CEO of our lives and live the one life that we have with full conviction so that we can die happily.


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