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I sit in the cab and start conversing with the driver about my drop location. He seems polite. He has a speech defect and stammers at certain words. But still he’s very confident and did not hesitate or chooses another substitute for the word he’s stammering at. I learn a very important lesson today. Most […]

A day for friends

A decade ago, I would be very excited to tie the band, the beautiful piece of rope, on all of my friends and bestfriend’s hand. I would buy the most expensive for my best friend and depending on my affection for them, I would discriminate while choosing the others. I would buy them in bulk […]

For someone

For someone you’re a client,For someone you’re a customer,For someone you’re a salesman,For someone you’re the father. For someone you’re a best friend For someone you’re a boyfriend For someone you’re their close confidante, For someone you’re a crush. For someone you’re a driver,For someone you are the best puchka wala,For someone you’re that pakau […]

Counting days

Counting days I am  As we’re moving closer to realityAs we’re getting closer to truthAs we are growing older, And away from our youth. Counting days I amAs days are limited, So much more to do and say,But its seems prohibited. Who knows when will be your last breath?Who knows when you’ll be married next? […]


Dear Bhaai, I would like to draw your kind attention through my this naive post. Its been 18 years since I’d been tying you many types of fancy threads, Popularly known as Rakhi, and its been 2 years since I have started couriering the best possible of it. Its strangely shocking to note that before […]

Buy one, get one

When you buy something, you get it,When you get it, you utlise it,When you utilise it, you feel it’s worth,When you feel its worth, you value it,When you value it, you appreciate it,When you appreciate it, you demand for more,When you demand more, you want it.When you want it, your needs expand,When your needs expand, […]

A tale of two girls

Image via Google  In a village far away,Two sisters are seen chattering along the roadway.Tiptoeing their path,The first sister remarked- You don’t have to go to school and follow any rules,You have no pressure of homework,You don’t have to wake up that earlyAnd bear the crowd while traveling. Failing to understand her silly whines,The second […]

Think happiness

You cry, you are breathing. Today is your birth-day. Your parents are rejoicing. Your parents debate over your name. You get a name. They think you’ll be happy. Your parents think you’ll be happy if you eat green food as it is healthy. Religiously you eat and think you’ll be happy. You get into a […]

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