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Counting days

Counting days I am  As we’re moving closer to realityAs we’re getting closer to truthAs we are growing older, And away from our youth. Counting days I amAs days are limited, So much more to do and say,But its seems prohibited. Who knows when will be your last breath?Who knows when you’ll be married next? […]


Dear Bhaai, I would like to draw your kind attention through my this naive post. Its been 18 years since I’d been tying you many types of fancy threads, Popularly known as Rakhi, and its been 2 years since I have started couriering the best possible of it. Its strangely shocking to note that before […]


When Kolkata was calmed by the horrendous thunderstormto escape the excruciating heat of the sun The wiper was functioning sporadically, showcasing its machinery talent efficiently to clear the drops of rain that had come to everyone’s shock. It had been a very hot week. Weather in Kolkata is renowned for its acute humidity (even during the […]