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The Ministries of Mother

She is the Minister of Family and Health care. She’s the Minister of Defense – who always shields you. She is the Minister of Culture who tutored you, the values which made you. Even though she never worked in a corporate environment, she Ministers the Corporate Affairs. She heads the External Affairs, and protects you […]


When Kolkata was calmed by the horrendous thunderstormto escape the excruciating heat of the sun The wiper was functioning sporadically, showcasing its machinery talent efficiently to clear the drops of rain that had come to everyone’s shock. It had been a very hot week. Weather in Kolkata is renowned for its acute humidity (even during the […]


Roads that I cross daily are known to me, Every bumper on it, familiar to me. The memories of the past still fresh. They say time heals all wounds, but some wounds are difficult to heal,Tougher to forget, harder to detach. I wondered from people to places, in hope of solaces, What I’ve understood, at […]


How many times do we really come across to certain people with whom we may not have spoken for even 5 minutes and yet they leave a deep impact? Well, today marked one such stance with me. A neighborhood uncle just passed away this morning. He had a sudden heart attack and… Since the time […]


Your problem may seem to overload you,The distance you travel everyday tire you,The people you trusted the most may abandon you,The last food you ate may not be your favourite,The place you want to visit may require another year’s of wait. But pause. Look at the moving bodies around you… You’ll be awed by how […]


Every night you talk to someone, In a hope to give you an advice; Imagining that someoneHas the perfect outcome.  You finish up your work speedily, And try to sleep peacefully.  The morning lays down to you a series of task;  You encounter the problem- the solution of which you asked.  You overthink it to an […]


Many times, your silence will be taken as rudeness -log kehenge chad gayi hai akkad, Many a time your jokes will be taken as sarcasm -log kehenge you have no sense of humour, Many a time you will not be able to say what you are really feeling inside -log kehenge badal gaye ho tum. […]

Never Give Up

Never give up because great things take time As I start to frame this article, as suggested by my talented friend, Anchal, I cannot help but force myself to remember why did she gave me this topic? I agree that this is a wonderful quote and rightfully correct. NEVER GIVE UP These three words are […]

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