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Calm amidst chaos

By now, people around me might have gone frustrated as I still cannot get over the thing what happened on 28th March 2017. MY BROTHER GIFTED ME LAPTOP WITH HIS SAVINGS! AND ITS BEEN LESS THAN A YEAR SINCE HIS FIRST JOB.  Remember “Gift of Magi” by O.Henry? Yeah, I have been feeling that way. IT IS A […]


Habit: When I was graduating my second year of college, I had Education studies(yes, that is a Subject!) as my pass subject. I never really liked it as a subject. Mainly because on the onset of it I took it as a punishment as it was full of theories and theories! I was never really […]

A glorious treat

At certain phases of our life we all think that we are going through the worst times of our present life. We think about the worst possibilities the future holds and how the a certain past has affected the present. We all think that only we are the ones who are experiencing the adversaries. The […]

Tech Life

Without phone we feel paralysed, It seems it governs our life.  We think it’s easier to contact and communicate, Mobile yet make things complicate.  We start our day with one thought in mind:Hope the battery doesn’t drain; please be kind.  Depended are we on our phones completely, Ogling at nothing; we escape from awkwardness easily.  Not just the […]