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Growing old

How fast did we grow up, Alert yet unaware of the times we have crossed much. Why were we so crazy about being adults? Thinking now, it had been an abrupt impulse. This present will be past,The future shall be uncertain.But time is unpredictable, I wish Doraemon’s gadgets were real. Why would someone call us […]

Sense of solace

It is true that we should and must rejoice at other’s endeavour and likewise console them in tough times, but quite astonishingly, what I encountered about human behaviour is that there is an acute sense of relief, rather a soothing effect when we get to know about other’s struggles.This shouldn’t be treated as masochism, but […]

A believer

It has been exact 1825 days since the departure of Kushali’s father. Prior to these days, Mr. Jaiyant Jain was a happy man, had a lovable family, enviable relatives and his profession was running smooth. He had been married to Jhaveri since 1989 and God had blessed them with two beautiful daughters. Initially, life was […]

My You

Dear you, Do you still remember the first time you courted me roses saying those restricted words? Do you remember when we first met at your cousin’s house? How shyly you raise your eyes at me and how you nearly puked at the chai I had prepared? I abruptly presented your family and you with the […]

For a reason

There is a reason why we behave a certain way There is a reason why someone stands alone in metro There is a reason why we behave differently to different people There is a reason behind favouritism of certain food There is a reason what angers someone    There is a reason for affectionately being concerned […]

Hidden in silience

It had been a very tiring day for Maanyata.Travelling in metros in summer of Kolkata was as it is a huge task. The compactness of the odour evaporating from the bystanders was making it suffocating to stand steadily. Since the morning, everything was going unplanned.  Astonishingly, she got up at 7, a twenty-minute delay from her […]

A question asked

“But, how does this long distance relationship will work,” Lavishka questioned Anirudh. “Why? Why are asking this? Haven’t you ever been in a relationship before” he enquired puzzlingly.  “No. I have never understood this whole relationship concept. What do they talk about all day long and more specifically what is there to talk about? Don’t expect […]

Hey, others?

We think twice even before buying a phone,thinking what ‘others’ might think. We think twice even before buying a branded dress, thinking what ‘others’ might comment. We act on the approvals set by ‘others’ so that we don’t become the quarantined. We think twice before adopting an accentthinking of what ‘others’ might speak. We analyse twice […]

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