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Counting days

Counting days I am  As we’re moving closer to realityAs we’re getting closer to truthAs we are growing older, And away from our youth. Counting days I amAs days are limited, So much more to do and say,But its seems prohibited. Who knows when will be your last breath?Who knows when you’ll be married next? […]

For the love of cake

It was eight o’clock when Sunigdha stepped out of her house. All new to the city, Agra, the city of Love, as they all said, Sunigdha was terrified, anxious and happy at the same time. Sunigdha was a 28 year old woman who completed her masters in psychology. She had always wanted to study further […]


When Kolkata was calmed by the horrendous thunderstormto escape the excruciating heat of the sun The wiper was functioning sporadically, showcasing its machinery talent efficiently to clear the drops of rain that had come to everyone’s shock. It had been a very hot week. Weather in Kolkata is renowned for its acute humidity (even during the […]


How many times do we really come across to certain people with whom we may not have spoken for even 5 minutes and yet they leave a deep impact? Well, today marked one such stance with me. A neighborhood uncle just passed away this morning. He had a sudden heart attack and… Since the time […]

Never Give Up

Never give up because great things take time As I start to frame this article, as suggested by my talented friend, Anchal, I cannot help but force myself to remember why did she gave me this topic? I agree that this is a wonderful quote and rightfully correct. NEVER GIVE UP These three words are […]


Timing: Timing is a wonderful verb. You wait for a perfect timing to make something happen. You wait for the perfect timing to pop that question. You wait for the right timing for a thing to occur. You wait and wait and keep on waiting till you feel that- that time has come and it’s your […]

Calm amidst chaos

By now, people around me might have gone frustrated as I still cannot get over the thing what happened on 28th March 2017. MY BROTHER GIFTED ME LAPTOP WITH HIS SAVINGS! AND ITS BEEN LESS THAN A YEAR SINCE HIS FIRST JOB.  Remember “Gift of Magi” by O.Henry? Yeah, I have been feeling that way. IT IS A […]

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