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Happy children’s day

Happy children’s day to the child within you, Happy children’s day to the ray of innocence within you, Happy children’s day to those who still fight over that last piece of chocolate, Happy children’s day to the mischievous soul in you! Happy children’s day who still crack that stupid PJ, Happy children’s day to the […]

Tech Life

Without phone we feel paralysed, It seems it governs our life.  We think it’s easier to contact and communicate, Mobile yet make things complicate.  We start our day with one thought in mind:Hope the battery doesn’t drain; please be kind.  Depended are we on our phones completely, Ogling at nothing; we escape from awkwardness easily.  Not just the […]

Is it or is it not?

Have you ever come across to that point in your life when there are so many things to do, so many ideas floating in your mind, encapsulating your brain into bewilderment, YET there was nothing you could/can do.Your whole body goes into that paralysis mode; you’ve got so many things going on and you’ve got […]

Rain and Petrichor

“Ah! Rain finally” would all that everyone right now must be posting, no wait, “alerting” people about rain, which might irritate few, but yeah whatever! It is raining in Kolkata! After much pleading & begging, Suraj Bhagwan did lower His brightness(43C), fulfilling His Bhakto ka iccha. Such a good God! Haha! It was so unbearable for people, to even […]