Counting days

Counting days I am 
As we’re moving closer to reality
As we’re getting closer to truth
As we are growing older,
And away from our youth.
Counting days I am
As days are limited,
So much more to do and say,
But its seems prohibited.
Who knows when will be your last breath?
Who knows when you’ll be married next?
Who knows where you’ll go a month from now?
Who knows which route He has planned for you and how?
You plan and plan and indulge in your future,
In hope of a better upcoming day, you clinch to yesterdays bloopers.
And so focused you get between the two extremes,
You forget that this day you can never redeem!
Hi, hello with a strange face quickly transports to deeper connection,
But when the time comes for a goodbye,
We realize how valuable has become the affection.
Days are numbered and I am collecting memories,
I am counting days and I am valuing it in a documentary.


  • Shruti Dugar

    Shruti is a Copywriter & Editor. She specializes in writing about eCommerce, SaaS, Edtech & Marketing. She authored & self-published a book that is available on Kindle. Apart from reading for work, she spends most of her time reading underrated books, riding her bike to get the creativity flowing, and exploring veg restaurants.

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