Review: Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak

So by now, you must have known that this digital marketing internship by Deepak Kanakraju has gained so much traction in the past few weeks that it has become a buzzword.

Digital marketing is a broad landscape and getting hands-on knowledge might get a bit tricky if there are so many options available.

We think we can choose better if we have a variety of options but its totally not practical. The more the options, the more likely you’re going to make the wrong choice.

But how can I guarantee that if you choose to enrol for the digital marketing internship by Digital Deepak you are less likely to make a wrong choice, well…

I’ll give you 5 reasons to NOT enrol for this internship and thereafter you can judge for yourself –

#1 – If you DON’T want to learn something totally new, this internship is a waste for you as you’ll be learning a lot of new aspects of digital tools (even though you claim to be an expert!)

#2- If you DON’T want to implement what you learn in this internship is a waste for you because boy, you’ll have to work…work very diligently to learn and execute all by yourself.

#3 If you DON’T want to move out of your comfort zone this is definitely not a course you should invest your time and money on BECAUSE the tasks are “raato ki neend churaya” hai types! You’ll think about completing the task ASAP or by the 1-week deadline. In case you don’t well, make the marketer rich!

#4 If you DON’T want to network and learn the art of ethical business. Though the aim of the internship is to make everyone digitally active, it also acts as a program where everyone behaves like a student, attend their weekly class on time, if for some reasons they can’t they have their dedicated classmates who go the extra step and help you till your task is completed. They are just a post/comment away. They are motivators, doers and above all genuinely there to empower you.

And #5 If you DON’T want your space in this large web, this is NOT an internship you should be enrolling for because dude, you are going to create a website and run it like a boss!

I hope you follow the reasons for not joining the program because if you don’t you are going to transform yourself, and HOW! 😛

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