For the love of cake

It was eight o’clock when Sunigdha stepped out of her house. All new to the city, Agra, the city of Love, as they all said, Sunigdha was terrified, anxious and happy at the same time.
Sunigdha was a 28 year old woman who completed her masters in psychology. She had always wanted to study further and was also planning to go for her PhD but she never really wanted to ‘work.’ It’s not like her family didn’t allow her to work, it was just that she did not think it through. She was from a well off family and was married to an educated man who was into government service.
It was because of her husband’s frequent travel job profile, that after two years of marriage, they were posted to Agra from Ambala.
Sunigdha and Kushal were new to the city. They did not have many relatives in Agra. Being from a joint-family background, both in her own house and her in-laws, the sense of loneliness was  torturous for Sunigdha. Though she was not talkative, she liked having a conversation and did not appreciate being all alone.
It was a conscious decision from both of them. Kushal knew Sunigdha wouldn’t want to live a solitude life so he did not force her and just presented her with the offer. Sunigdha knew the opportunity of moving to Agra was crucial for his career and she did not want to jeopardize that for him. So consciously, they took the decision to move to the new city.
Sunigdha made one request though. Instead of shifting to the bungalow offered by the officials, she suggested they buy a flat in some complex. In that way atleast she would have some company when he would not be around.
They agreed and bought a 3bhk flat in ‘Grihwar’ a residential complex. Though it would become a hectic commute for Kushal, they were happy as it was what they wanted.
It was the first night in the Northen city. Ambala was nothing like Agra. In Ambala, where shops would remain open till 10, in Agra, shops would close by 8-8:30. Tomorrow would mark their second anniversary and Sunigdha wanted to surprise Kushal at midnight.
She went outside her complex in search for some ingredients by which she would make his favourite blueberry pineapple cake, but she could not find anything.
She came across few shops but what she demanded were Hebrew for the  shopkeepers. ‘What is Blueberry?’ one asked. She had walked for about three and a half kilometer but to no avail or any ray of hope.
Sadly, she took a u-turn to return home but just then she sensed someone was following her. She turned back but the faded light in the dark alley made the person invisible.
She could hear the footsteps so she hurried.
She was fast approaching the gates of her complex when she met with a strange face.
“I guess I can help you with what you’re looking for,” the stranger voiced.
It was 9 o’clock. Kushal would be in the home any minute. Her mind was doing ballistic.
“What have I landed myself into the very first day,” Sunigdha sighed…
So guys, how did you like it? What do you think might happen? Who is that stange face? What do they bring with them?
This is a new perspective I wanna explore with my blog. I hope you are eagerly waiting for the next part. Let me know your feedback!
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