Guilty charged for Bitching


I feel horrible- very, VERY disgusted when I find myself bitching about others. I try not to even think bad things about others, but I guess being a girl, I’m enlisted with these habits.
We girls- (not at all sorry for what I’m about to say)- are the biggest hypocrite. I mean, we judge at anyone and everyone, yaar! Even though subconsciously, we judge even at toddlers- boy or a girl- of their clothes. 

Yaar, bacche hai! At least spare him/her! 

Of course, there is a difference between wearing short clothes and skimpy clothes. And kids’ apparels are never ever skimpy! Please, borrow a pair of cerebellum, dirty minds! How can one judge kids! I can never understand. I was travelling by metro the other day and I experienced: a group of three teenage girls constantly gossiping about a girl’s dress- probably of 8 or 9 years old. It was evident that the girl was either a member of the minority group or her parents were not very wealthy (if you understand what I mean). So, these girls were constantly BITCHING about how the girl was wearing what she was wearing. I was shocked to hear such a conversation. My brain exploded. I had never heard such a conversation. I’m not the sort of intruder and I regret this so much. I wish I had such courage to make those literally illiterate teenagers realise their mistake for mocking the poor child. Oh, only if I was the Braveheart! As I’m typing this, I feel so guilty about it. Only- only- if only I could face those girls and teach them some social norms. 

And stating the facts to the stereotypes who think that it is only girls who bitch- slappp booom. NO! The MALE HOMO-SAPIENS SPECIES too bitch -about everyone and things. Trust me!  And no, it doesn’t make them GAY! 
We girls take things so seriously. Scrutinising the details of every texts/messages/gesture or whatever. It is also them who are guilty charged. They bitch about us- girls- too. Like the way, we do about them. TRUST ME! I’ve heard their conversation and it’s mind-blogging. I was walking past two boys- grown boys- and their conversation shocked me. I could not believe my ears. It was not the dirty talk- it was the girly talk, the gossips, the bitching part! 

I have been a victim of being a bitch, too. Though, not like those pros, but yeah, to some extent. During my school days, I was baffled to see how girls would bitch about a certain girl during the first class and during tiffin break the same girls would constantly linger towards that girl (of whom they were bitching about)! I WAS NUMB when I saw this. This was new to me. I told few of my mates about this and they acquainted me to the regulations of bitching! (SERIOUSLY) 
Collaborated into a girl’s environment, consequently, I have bitched and I was being bitched about. 

In college, there’s a classmate- whose dressing sense is really funny. I have not got the chance of being familiar with her, but what I gather from the gossips- she’s crazy. And being her Facebook friend- I genuinely ‘like’ some of her posts. 
I along with my friends are guilty of constantly gossiping and bitching about her. About her clothes and accent. Being in a girl’s college, it is normal. Of course, I’m not perfect and when I became the victim of it, I could feel it. From that day, I’ve barely bitched about her. Healthy bitching is optional- like sometimes for fun- dude, that’s what college is about. But making bitching a habit is injurious and unhealthy. 

So, that being said- we all are guilty of bitching. But what do we get by bitching?

Of course, most of the times it is the bitching about others which makes us friends- but is this morally acceptable? Don’t you feel guilty about it? Because I do. Whenever I find myself bitching I bite my tongue. It hurts so much. Not intentionally- it just happens. I am trying so hard not to say bad things about others because LITERALLY it’s futile for everyone. It gives us no result. We are just building bad karma for ourselves. 

Okay, see it in this way- we bitch about a certain person for few minutes, hours- chalo okay, constantly for a day. Then what? What if you are in desperate need of that person? You never know whenever you need someone’s help. Life is tricky and messy and it throws us in the worst possible awkward situations. And what happens when you ask the person for help? Chalo, imagine he/she has helped you- and he /she knows you’ve bitched about them- what do you feel then? I have gone through that experience and believe me it’s suffocating. It’s painful, so intense. Though there was a considerable gap between us, some or the other way they got to know about it and the worst part was they didn’t react to it. Oh GOD. That was PURE TORTURE. I couldn’t make an eye-contact with them. I was so guilty. And I don’t know how, but the same incident happened with me. Like, someone bitched about me and I got to know about it and I was team up with them. I realized my mistake that just as I was forgiven by those humble souls- even I’ll forgive them. But I guess I wasn’t as successful. Being the big-mouth that I’m, I sarcastically said things. Though things are cool now, that misunderstandings still lingers. 

Whenever I find myself gossiping or bitching about others I stop for a second and analyse my blunder. DUDE! ARE YOU PERFECTIONIST AISHWARYA RAI or AAMIR KHAN? How can you say irrelevant things about them? Whenever I don’t approve of things I try hard to gather courage to say upfront on their face. I hate my habit of bitching because ITS NOT A BLESSING. ITS A CURSE. Bitching about others is no way helpful to anyone.  

Just like whenever I genuinely ADORE someone or something or some of their behaviour or the dress- I say on their face. I can’t keep such things kept within me. My mother has often scolded me for being so upfront. Random people don’t compliment you, why would you then? And it looks like you’re wannabe or trying to impress someone. 

But it’s not it. 

WHEN I COMPLIMENT SOMEONE, IT GENUINELY COMES FROM MY HEART. If by chance I try to flatter or butter someone, they understand it. I SUCK AT LYING. It’s very VERY evident. 

So, I conclude the post with a positive though that if you like something or someone- go tell them! 
If you don’t approve of certain things of someone, tell them on their face or if you can’t try not to bitch. I’m not saying that I’m a holy saint and since I’m distributing free gyaans to everyone through this post I’m immune to bitch, or that I don’t bitch. Arrey! For me, I’m the biggest gossiper. But through this article, I just want to improve myself and influence anyone who has bothered to read till so long.

BITCHING IS NOT HELPFUL. Surely criticizing it. It improves the negativities in us if we see it positively. 


…until my next post,
Keep re-reading my previous posts.



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