Hello Winters

As I begin to write this blog, I am devouring my favourite orange popsicle with my left hand and briskly writing with whatever words come to my mind with my right hand as the chilly, chilly Kolkatan winds blow through my hair and making me shiver.  But I like this chill. Chill makes you feel alive. 

I was crossing the road last night while returning home and as I was on my way, two tiny drops of water landed on my round specs. For a brief second I thought, RAIN! But then my logic slapped my mind and reminded me, “Yaar, it’s winter! Baarish kaha se hoega? You must have stepped into muddy water and kaanch ka snaan hogya

The one-second dreamy thought was quickly consumed by 10 seconds logic wala point. Ten steps hence I again felt the raindrops, this time on my nails and I looked around for a mark of reassurance that hey, I am not hallucinating and that yes, IT IS ACTUALLY RAINING. I could see the passerby act very normal. I thought I was going crazy maybe because my headphones were on a very loud volume but I turned to my left to cross the road to catch the auto and then I saw a driver in the kali-peeli taxi had just started the wiper and I grinned so happily. 

I pulled off the earphones from my ears and took the corner-most seat in the auto and as the auto started, the drops of tiny droplets fell on my face and hair and it felt so refreshing. The auto stopped at its destination but I still had ten minutes of walking to reach my home. I paid him and began walking. As I was walking I was wondering, what a strange, strange time it is! In winter its raining just to prove that “Winter has come” 

As I was walking, lost in my thoughts, I saw two girls, carrying an umbrella and two girls playing badminton, with their jackets on. HAHA! 

Ab thand mein chata leke ghume ya chaddar odh ke? I inwardly laughed at my own joke and entered my complex. 

I had my dinner and went to the balcony to breathe in the new chilly air. As the cold wind literally swings to its own rhythm, I recall I am told to never get drenched in the “first rain” in any season as it’s never good. You’ll fall sick, get some disease, its bad effects on the skin and etcetera and etcetera.
 I recollect the memories of how the day went by and of the lot I remember how we should always trust our very first instinct immediately whenever it strikes. I warm up my arms and peek outside my open-balcony and let another tiny drop fall on my face before I retire for the day.

 Today I woke a bit late. I hurried to my work-place and carried on with the day, On my way, I heard people discussing about the weather and how chilly it is going to be in upcoming days. I smile at some passerby and head on to work. 

At work, someone says that its raining and the weather is very cold out since six in the evening. I step out and feel the wind, again. Really chilly. I am reminded of my happy happy days of our family trip to Sikkim. Sikkim, that beautiful, an absolute heaven of a land, where I first saw snow and I puked till my unconsciousness. 😛 It was soooo beautiful one because I had never seen snow and when I finally saw it I guess I was not prepared to see it. I remember, LO! I haven’t uploaded any pictures on social media about our trip. One because I was too lazy, second I have become very anti-social-media. I have to update my followers, I promise myself I’ll upload this week. 

ANYWAY, so its time for me to return home and I find myself without any jacket. Its really cold btw, nearly 16 degree C, and I hop onto a bus hurriedly. I see people all coated with warm jackets, hoodies and my favourite, monkey cap! 

Have I mentioned how funny I find monkey caps? I don’t understand why it is named so. I smile, but intentionally I’m laughing at people. That’s one of another reason why I love winters. People wearing monkey caps are funny. Very funny. But I get its very protective and good shield against the wind, but it is really fun to see people with their monkey caps on. 

I’ve always loved winter. And I love rain! You search anything that’ll warm you up just so that you feel cosy. Devouring over hot-hot foods, especially pakodas and sipping to garm chai. AH! HEAVEN! Well, winter is so much like autumn. But I’m a bit opposite. I like my winters with my cold orange popsicle.

So, twenty minutes has passed and my popsicle melted a bit and drops have fallen over the laptop. I hereby end the blog tonight as I have to clean with cold water and you see it’s already 15 degree. My hands will get a handstroke if I dip into cold water and begin writing again. 

Hope you liked reading it! 😀 Do share your day’s bits and highlights as well if you want to share. 

Till then, hope you have a good day tomorrow and yes, do remember to laugh when you see a monkey-cap. 😉 

Credits for picture used : https://www.noaa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/scale_crop_1120x534/public/thumbnails/image/PHOTO-winter%20bench_iStock_000022671982-101316-1125×600-Landscape.jpg?itok=5u1PeREx 


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