The tone of “hello” is too deep to understand. 

This evening, I was engaged in Whatsapping one of my friends, and being too lazy to type, I thought of using the audio facility provided by the app. Of course, I have recorded my voice a lot of times, but I have never really paid attention to it like I did this time. I mean it’s my voice so naturally I should know how it really sounds. How it sounds to me as well to the listener.

Frankly, to me my voice sounds blunt. I like my voice as it is, but I prefer the cracked like voice- oh, the one we develop when we have cough cold? 
Yep, the one you’re imitating right now! I just LOVE it. This is another of the 999 reasons why I LOVE winters! I wait for this season because I get obsessed with my voice when I develop that tone. Please don’t get me wrong but no matter how imperfect we may be we all have those few qualities/behaviours for which we are proud of. At least in this I rest my case. 

The truth is, I seriously do not care what people think of me when I flaunt my voice like this. 


After listening to my recorded voice, I can say I find my voice blunt though not in a rude sense but loud. And candid, yes! People have complimented me saying my voice is sweet- which I don’t know why and from which angle, but I hesitantly accept their compliment.
I think I’m about to judge others. And I think the tone of one’s voice can reveal so much about their character or personality. I have one cousin, Shivani Chajjlani, Oh GOD! I’m in love with her voice. Whenever I call her I am just awed by the way she says, “Hello.” Her voice is as generous and beautiful as she is. 

Of one of my friends, her voice is so soft. The way she says is somewhat like “HELLLLO.” Though sometimes it is barely audible (:P) BUT it is as pretty as herself. 

For the other,”Heeellloow” uff, chirpy and blithe- that is what describes her as well her voice the best.

Of my another friend’s,”HEyLO.”
it seems as if he tries to project himself as emotionless, but he is quite the opposite when you start talking to him.  

And then there’s my cousin, Madam Diksha Jain, and as per her tone of saying hello, I would say that she’s very frank. She states her opinions about others on the face; whether the person approves or not. Bindass is what I would describe her. And a caring person. And a stalker! (:P)

On the negative side some people, like their voice, are so dull! Their simple “hello” makes me want to stay away from them. It’s like they emit negativeness, and personally I like keeping my distance from them. Some are really beautiful and happy- as per their facebook pictures, but when you really talk to them it just leaves you baffled about them. 
I mean pretty face and ugly tone? Ughh. 

Like, it happens with me that when I’m talking to any unknown over the phone or if I am texting, I develop an imagination of how do they look like? Are they like their voices? Pretty, melodious, rude (in case you complain to customer care of Airtel) or soft (in case of people selling their product: Oh, as  sweet as honey).

You see, we can understand so much about a person just by the they say hello. Personally, I’m more of a listener than a speaker. I love listening to people, the way they talk. It’s educating, you know. A simple hello over the phone signifies so much. More than texting in which we are free to type anything, I find the conversation over the phone more intimate and true. Though even I prefer texting in most cases; like accepting compliments because I get very awkward when I receive compliments (I don’t know why. Please don’t wonder why. I won’t be able to respond to that). 

Everyone is unique in their own sphere, their own way. And that’s what make them unique and their voice distinct. This is why when I paid attention to my tone today I thought of writing about it. However, I still can’t properly describe my original voice. But in its comparison, I would always prefer my cracked voice. (:P)

And as I have judged people, it is up to the readers to decide whether my voice coordinates with my personality. Please do comment of what you feel; even if it is negative.

..until my next post, try recording your voice and think about it. 🙂 

Thank you. 


  • Shruti Dugar

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