India celebrates 72nd Independence day!

Independence day in India

72 years ago, millions of known and unknown heroes made India independent. According to the literal meaning of independence, it means freedom, liberty, self-government, justice, fairness, impartiality, equality, objectivity and fair rule. 

We all know we have achieved a lot since then, and also we’ve lost a lot as well. 
The biggest advantage that we have is that we know what our weaknesses are and also we know how to improve that. 

Independence day

Our biggest disadvantages are our growing intolerance towards trivial things, our lack of concern towards major things like Swachhta, Security, Self-empowerment of the less privileged, entrepreneurship, self-education, child labor, exploitation of women as well as the third gender, and many more…


    We all know in order to make India the “Sone ki Chidiya” again, we have to begin from grassroots level again and it can be done only if we start from the bottom- the things we ignore and think there are better and more bigger problems to be tackled.       

We should also individually visualize to make our country reach that position again, to be at par with the other “Developed Countries” as well and no longer, after 72 years of attaining freedom, be termed as a “Developing Country” because its not by chance that we are the second largest human population in the world.
 Let’s make our so-called disadvantage to our favour and make India the most desirable country in the world.   

And all of it can be achieved if all of us revolt against the prejudice we see, big or small. Start low but aim to achieve high. Let’s vouch to make our individual goals contribute towards the betterment of our nation as well. Let’s not let our millions of freedom fighter’s blood go down the drain. Let us resolve to make India theoretically and practically Independent. 


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