Is it or is it not?

Have you ever come across to that point in your life when there are so many things to do, so many ideas floating in your mind, encapsulating your brain into bewilderment, YET there was nothing you could/can do.

Your whole body goes into that paralysis mode; you’ve got so many things going on and you’ve got so many ways to make it better, yet there is no way your contribution can make it any effectual. 

You find yourself doing everything. Regularly visiting shrines, doing what the ‘authentic’ astrologer has suggested, praying to God and performing good deeds in a hope of improving your “karmas”. 

There are days when things seem terrible, difficult to bear but with the passage of time, it starts improving and that is the moment we’re left to wonder whether it was God or any superficial power who did it or was it just a change or circumstances?!

There is a jolt. 

We’re left to wonder- whether an hour spent in worshipping and “pleasing” God with a customised ceremony and lavishing two notes of thousand rupee by donating to the needies- did really contribute to the sudden change of situation? 

OR was it simply the Destiny with the formula – 
“If it is meant to be (for you), it will find its way” 

OR was it because you stopped thinking about that circumstance? Because it’s a proven fact that when we stop thinking about something, it eventually becomes normal. 

If all of these doesn’t give rise to an abnormal superstition then I don’t know what else does. 

And just after the whole event starts making sense, when it starts improving, we drown ourselves to take things philosophically. 
We indulge into immense spirituality- for a time being- enjoying the prevailing circumstance until another event strikes us. 

In good times, we enjoy it as long as it prevails and in the bad times we entrust God to be the reason for the downfall. Was it our bad karma that made us encounter such a situation or was it our follies? 

We ponder, 
Was it God who did it? 

Or was it just the fact that things get better (or worse) with time? 

Or was it simply us who were overthinking about the matter?

Well, life is filled with twisted series of events. 

The times which we think is the most difficult tends to be prolonged, impatiently enduring. Its intensity makes us desperate to reach the future. 

And the fact is, this vicious cycle goes on. 



  • Shruti Dugar

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