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The movie Kabir Singh has received mix reviews. There is no wonder that the movie has garnered its own share of criticism and flak for being highly misogynist and against the dignity of women, but if we look closely, aren’t 90% of Bollywood movies some way or the other has given birth to this approach. Because FYI, if this type of movies is termed as misogynist, so should all item numbers depicting women in an objectifying manner should.

Also, blaming Shahid Kapoor for playing the role of Kabir Singh, a highly egoistic, rich-spoiled-brat- kinda guy who gets whatever the hell he eyes for is wrong. The character may be flawed but the actor portrayed the role very commendably.

the three hours long storyline plot bored me and I felt certain areas were too stretched. The only problem I had apart from the male protagonist is that the woman protagonist had literally no say in it.

Played by Kiara Advani, the fame of Lust stories for having done such a provocative role as the modern housewife, seeing Advani as the meeky Preeti, who literally was only “pretty” through the movie, was disheartening. The guy falls in love with the girl, I get it. He is quite open about it why he likes her (SPoiler: Because of the way you breathe!) but the girl, why does she love him? Is it only because of his so-called macho and handsome looks? If that is the case, the movie has succeeded in glorifying another mistrait found in our society- the woman falls in love with the guy just because of his looks, and so does the guy apparently.

What irks me is we never know why Preeti likes Kabir, what is in Kabir that Preeti finds so charmingly hot (except his looks)? We never get to know WHY PREETI LOVES KABIR

Whether Preeti is able to bring out the best in Kabir, I personally don’t think so. Also, I feel the romance in the story seemed forced. Just putting sexual scenes don’t make it romantic or a love-story- that is what I feel.

Overall, in case of a lovestory as well, I did not like the movie.

The ending seemed far too foolish. Suddenly the father who was against their marriage, comes out of the blue and agrees to marriage. His earlier protest was erratic and so is his comeback at the end.

I like a movie if the beginning or atleast the ending is good, but in this movie, it failed to impress me.Rather I was timing when it gets over. Whether or not it promotes misogyny is up to the perception of the viewers- what I have issue is with the characters are written. One is way too powerful than the others. And having being entertained with such powerful women-centric movies like Queen, Wonder Women, Rani LakshmiBai, Dirty Picture, I did not like the character of Preeti at all, it seemed like a setback.

ANYWAY. SO this was Web of Word’s Perception of the movie Kabir Khan which released on 8 May, 2019.

Thank you for reading! Please comment with your POVs as well. I’m eagerly waiting to read your perception of the movie. 🙂


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