Never Give Up

Never give up because great things take time
As I start to frame this article, as suggested by my talented friend, Anchal, I cannot help but force myself to remember why did she gave me this topic?
I agree that this is a wonderful quote and rightfully correct.
These three words are the crux of our every day life.
From childhood we are taught to never give up. When we fall from learning how to ride the bicycle, we are told to try one last time. To get up for the last eighth time. To stand up and try your best. To breathe and not let a defeat collapse us.
As I write this down, I remember the insignificant achievements that I have made just because I did not give up.
You did not give up even though you were horrible at maths. You struggled for it. And for the first and last time in your lifetime you managed to get a first division in your least likable subject.
You did not give up even though the pressure of boards was bewildering.
You did not give up even though you choose an education which is ideally not a conventional one.
You did not give up even though you lost someone you thought you could never lose.
You did not give up even you had to leave everything and start everything afresh.
You did not give up even though you had only few who understand your journey.
You should not give up even if it takes ample amount of time to be fine.
You should not give up by comparing with your surroundings who are excelling better than you.
You should not give up because somewhere you still have that hope; a faint hope that it may happen.
Keep the hope alive. But also be sure to not get too attached to it which makes you build unrealistic expectations. Be sure to free yourself from that bond of hope; don’t let it overpower you.
And hang on… For some more chaotic time when you will feel all kinds of things.
There will come a point when you shall realize that yes, great things take time.
With it you will understand it takes hard work, perseverance, patience and your optimum sacrifice.
Until then, hang in there. Learn from your achievements and failures. The good and bad. The acceptance and rejection.
Because someone believes – Great things happen over time if you don’t give up. 


  • Shruti Dugar

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