Rain and Petrichor

“Ah! Rain finally” would all that everyone right now must be posting, no wait, “alerting” people about rain, which might irritate few, but yeah whatever! It is raining in Kolkata! After much pleading & begging, Suraj Bhagwan did lower His brightness(43C), fulfilling His Bhakto ka iccha. Such a good God! Haha! It was so unbearable for people, to even leave their comparatively cooler house for even 10 minutes. 

I was midway to my home when I heard the first thundershower. For a second I was like: okay, I must be hallucinating after getting down from a crowded bus, but no I was NOT! The first drop of rain, oh, the first drop of rain on my face! I wish I had words to describe. It was so refreshing. Serendipity? Yep! That was an ecstasy! And literally a blissful moment. Suddenly I forgot about everything, about whatsoever I was thinking, the worry, I think, evaporated from my brain, and then I smelled petrichor. I was numb, in a good way. That moment was so beautiful. And then it started raining. And I was smiling. The little droplets were wetting my hair, and I cared less even if my hairstyle were smudge off by rain because THAT moment was every thing I wait for every year. 
I saw children playing and shouting “barish baarishhh” and all I could do was grin like a five year old to them. I felt as if I was back to my childhood days. Only that I had none to play with me, getting wet in rain with me. Because you see, we are adults now, getting wet in rain is acceptable only for children. I recall how my friends and my cousins would jump and literally SHOUT “rain rain come again”, dancing in rain to our own rhythms, dancing as if no one else is watching. Oh, the sheer happiness! Those good old days. 

And though things have changed, many things have changed, the only thing which hasn’t is my love for the smell of rain. Petrichor. Sometimes I think I am even in love with the word as much as I am to it because every time I hear this word I start smiling, or rather blushing? I don’t exactly know. 😛 

Every year I would plan that whenever it would first start raining, I would go down and experience it…and I tried many times but in vain. But today finally and suddenly experiencing it was all that I could ever dream of. It was surely one of the BEST MOMENT in my life.
Somehow, with heavy heart I managed to reach my home and I sat near the window admiring the view, inhaling the smell of petrichor as much as I could before it starts fading. And the moment when it stopped raining, I swear I felt as if someone has punched me. The wind stopped blowing for a second or so. I suddenly felt numb, in a bad way. I stretched my hand and kept it for few minutes. I was just about to withdraw my hand, I felt a rain drop on my hands. It was a peaceful moment. Such an overwhelming feeling. 

I understood it was just an act of few minutes, but those few minutes was equal to eternity for me. I think there is some hidden connection of rain with me, and I like it, whatsoever it is. Rain makes me happy and I love it. 

Signing off with the note that it will rain soon, and hopefully for a little longer than this. 



  • Shruti Dugar

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