Rantings of Being a Girl

Any person reading this who has serious inclinations in Fashion, please do not read further. This article is by a person who has zero knowledge towards being ‘girlish’. My any knowledge towards fashion is only derived by my female friends and relatives. 

I spend hours and days thinking, “wasting”- as my mother puts it, as to why I am born a girl when 75% of my inclination is towards the non-girlish things. I am a sucker at this. I know nothing about it and I am so bad that I can’t even recall how many bundles of thousands of money of my father have I wasted on those things. 

The 1% knowledge or whatever which I have is all because of my mother and few girl friends. I am just so random that if anyone takes me with them to shopping, instead of spending money on clothes and accessories, I make them spend it on beautiful things called FOOD. I mean, what is clothes? If I could, I can spend my whole life in just five of my favorite apparels. I find it soooo terrifying whenever I have to go to my wardrobe and select “something new” which I have to wear to college or anywhere else. I wish we all could be mono. Oh, so sad we can’t. 

And the biggest irony is, I like seeing people all dressed up, looking beautiful and everything. I rather enjoy it. But when it comes to be, all I want is hooked to my comfy blanket and have cold coffee. 

And as if clothes were not enough to make a girl look beautiful, there comes a vast range of products and things which claims to make a girl look more beautiful. These varieties of facial products and whatnot! First there is this body cream, then there is face cream, then eye cream, lip cream, ear cream(making your ears soft!), hand cream, sun-screen cream, crack heel cream and WHAT NOT! Apply these creams to make you “project” more beautiful. And if applying all these aren’t enough, there comes this torturous thing called waxing. 
Who the person in the ancient world invented this? And why? Oh, why I know- make a girl look more beautiful. And as if, waxing arms and legs weren’t enough we have to wax or thread my eyebrows and upper lip, and not to forget the forehead! WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH SUCH TORTUROUS EVENTS? No matter how nicely and calmly they do those, it hurts. It hurts a lot. And even after ALL these, you thing this wasn’t enough we have to wax under arms as well? Areey, who the hell has time to look what is there under my arms?! 

 I envy all these boys who are just so lucky in these aspects. At least no one will judge them if they don’t wax or keep their eyebrows all shabby and untidy. No one  forces them to get their nose or ears pierced, just because they’ll look more like “of your sexuality”! And their clothes are so much cooler than their counterpart. And even if a boy has acne, it is accepted to be their “masculinity”. A girl is desired to look all the time and if by chance a girl has got some issues with her then BOOM! She is this, that, untidy, unholy, cursed blah blah. 

I am just so depressed that I can’t even find proper words to explain it. But all these does not mean I am against it. I am just another victim trapped in the beautiful world. But it’s not that I don’t like to look beautiful, I DO! Just like anyone else even I wish for a pimple free skin, with long locks falling over my shoulder. But when I do all these, I have to do these out of pressure, just because I am a girl, I HAVE to do it. I have to go through everything a well grown adult is expected to be; well groomed. But frankly I don’t want this. I want to be shabby but most of all natural. 
But then after all these I love looking at women, who after spending hours at parlor, look beautiful. 
And no matter how many of us deny, we all thrive for compliment and for me the most joyous moment is when I have spent exactly 30 minutes of my life in parlor and someone compliments me, “Areey, Shruti, aaj girly lag rahi hai”, I think I blush and smile like a moron for full stretched two minute. 

And this does not mean I dislike being a girl. It is a good karma; being born a girl. But what I don’t like is being the typical girly girl; who is expected to look good every-time. What I want is look shabby, not having a soft but loud and firm voice but most of all an identity of a separate human being who is proud of everything good around. 

-x Thank you x- 


  • Shruti Dugar

    Shruti is a Copywriter & Editor. She specializes in writing about eCommerce, SaaS, Edtech & Marketing. She authored & self-published a book that is available on Kindle. Apart from reading for work, she spends most of her time reading underrated books, riding her bike to get the creativity flowing, and exploring veg restaurants.

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