Resolutions of 2019

The social media is filled with people posting their photos and videos of their family, friends; all hailing and cheering that they wish everyone have a very happy, successful, adventurous and memorable year. And it’s all so good. But I think people tend to be more social in social media. How many of you have really wished people in real life? And, if so, has it been with the same enthusiasm as the one you wrote or forwarded that text message?

As our mobile phones start getting taller, slimmer, bezelless and as the artificial intelligence is getting smarter, are we getting more intelligent as well? Will we be less governed by the e-world? Or is it going to take over our lives at a faster speed? The past year, I’m sure, we all have accomplished things which were planning for a long time, and have finally done that, but yes, there are still many things which is soooooo subconscious in our mind that we fear whether this year we will be able to achieve them or not? But trust me, you shall and you will if you resolute on these 5 things which I’ve observed what I lacked in 2018 (and years before that :P)

Ask: Ask yourself what it is that you want. Ask yourself why you want. And when you get these answers sorted, ask yourself how do you plan to get them. Ask yourself, “मैं कर लुंगी / मैं कर लूंगा?”

Believe: All the self-help books, morning WhatsApp forwards, motivational videos, posts and writeups stress on this and this is something which we start our very day yet we fail to use it when we need it the most. Believe that you believe in yourself. Of course, spinal support is essential from our supporters, but at the end of the day, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we have to face our self and the shadow. So now every time you believe in yourself by saying, “मैं कर लुंगी / मैं कर लूंगा|”

Motivated: We look for inspiration, motivation from the world outside. We read such incredible stories and their struggles to overcome from where they were and where they stand today. We have read enough of the motivated stories now. Now, 2019, is the time to act on. We’re already very motivated. No more just passing it off or depending on others for motivation or to make us feel motivated. So now, when you need motivation, you say,
“मैं कर लुंगी / मैं कर लूंगा!”

Start with a zero: We all want to reach the zenith but what we fear the most is the nadir at which we begin that thing. We all want success jaldi aye and we reach where we want to, but someone very wise said, easily available things are not worthy and the worthy things are not available easily. So this year, we execute from zero. No more khayali pulao pakaing without actually getting the chawal for pulao by ourselves. 😉 So if you begin cross questioning whether your starting with zero is legit, apne aap ko samjhao “मैं कर लुंगी / मैं कर लूंगा! पूर्णविराम|”

AnalysingBahutya cliched lag raha hoga but very important. We should definitely analyse what we did the entire day. It is because it gives us a healthy habit of observing how we did what we did, why we did what we did and also gives us chance to look at our day-to-day success as well as mistake. Better we do than let others point it out to us, eh? So again, when we are introspecting ourselves, let’s hope for the better and repeat, one last time at night, “कल मैं और अच्छा कर लूंगा /
कल मैं और अच्छा कर लूंगा |”

With this, I end this post today. I sincerely hope we all be successful in completing all of the unfinished businesses by 2019 and make the best year!

In case you find this article relatable or if you have any criticism, please do share by writing it down. Also, what are your resolutions for the upcoming days and how do you plan on achieving it, do let me know.

…Until my next post,

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