Tech Life

Without phone we feel paralysed, 
It seems it governs our life. 

We think it’s easier to contact and communicate, 
Mobile yet make things complicate. 

We start our day with one thought in mind:
Hope the battery doesn’t drain; please be kind. 

Depended are we on our phones completely, 
Ogling at nothing; we escape from awkwardness easily. 

Not just the phone, internet in it is an essentiality; 
We enter a place based on its wifi quality. 

Internet has made life hectic, 
Addiction to app based life has made us sceptic. 

Social life on our phone’s social media reflects diversity,
How fake we project is our new reality. 

There is a temptation to see the new notification, 
Keeping it in switch off mode is always a hesitation. 

Few days without technology makes us impatient, 
Magazines and books can never be their replacement. 

A day without the phone is unimaginable, 
How trapped are we in this vicious cycle? 

Regular meetups are overshadowed by talking over phone,
But chatting has taken over; it is the universal tone. 

Innovations are invented everyday,
Technology builds a gateway,
Communication is a pathway,
Let us not waste it away! 



  • Shruti Dugar is an Author, Freelance Copywriter, Creative writer & Content Manager. She is the Founder of Web of words. If you are a business, and are looking for writers to write your content or copy, you can connect with us. We'll help you figure out the best way to market your words. 🙂

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