The Dark side of an Empath

“It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply.”
This is one quote which is very significant in anyone who is an empath. According to dictionary, empath is a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.
In layman’s understanding, an empath is a person who has the capability to feel and experience the realities of other being. They tend to be affected by the little things. They have this coping mechanisms by which they tend to feel others’ experiences more vividly than they do of their own.
Empaths relate to others better than they of themselves. They understand others better and that is why sometimes it might seem that someone tend to get attached and attracted to an empath without even being acquainted with them.
Empaths understands life as it is. They take things very philosophically. For every happenings they find out the hidden reason as to why a certain thing has happened. They like to know the how and why of everything. That is why most of the time, to an empath, they tend to get little agitated or angry whenever a bad thing happen because they seem to know too much psychology behind it.
For an empath, every crisis situation tends to be a reason to be better. It is in their nature that they like to turn every negative event into something positive. They tend to relate others’ hardship so much as to project that they are going through the same thing. They become so engrossed into solving it that they sometimes overlook who they really are.
A dark side of being an empath is that they like knowing people, understanding them, their highs and lows. In a way, empaths are often both extrovert and an introvert. Extrovert because they say the most real and objective truth when enquired upon and introvert because they are secretive and don’t like others to know much about them. They live in their preconceived bubble that it is hard for others to really understand and go through what they experience.
Empaths are ardent music lover. They relate to lyrics more than the tune. Sometimes when lyrics get too relatable to the current life events, they tend to listen only the audio. It is like a subconscious therapy to them.
Empaths are also great animal lover because they relate so much with the inaudibles. They feel their sufferings.
As like others feel light and unburdened when they tell their stories and experience to someone, empaths tend to bundle up all that is in their mind and heart and sometimes lead to self destruction. It becomes important to understand the an empath needs more care. They never like to be the centre of attention. But at the same time they want them to be understood.
As a coping mechanism, empaths like to get into problem solving of others. They seldom like to think about themselves. They relate and want others to be better but in the process often overlook themselves. They involve so much into an activity that they loose their sense of being. It provides them an escape route from their own reality. It smoothes them to see others feel light.
Often they are the ones who don’t want to be heard but they always want their opinions conveyed. They won’t easily tell you their side of story but willingly listen to yours. In this way, empaths are oftem overlooked as a rude but reality is different.
It is also very easy to talk or trust an empath. It is like an intuitive calling. Its like you see them at it feels like ypu’ve known them for quite sometime and you speak your heart to them. It feels like just an eye contact is sufficient to convey the unspeakable words. You look at them and you feel understood.
To be empathetic is a great blessing, and believing the world to be better. Empaths are the most generous yet most complicated.
Being empathic is a treasure


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