The Future of Work: Robotic Process Automation

Imagine you want to join a gym, but you hesitate… You hesitate because the gym is open only till 9 am, and you know you’re not an early riser.

You want to join the gym and change your habit, but what to do? 

Here, your friend advises you to set up an alarm on your phone so that you wake up at the exact time. To motivate yourself, you select your favourite song so that you wake up happy and go to the gym every day. 

What did you do here? Well, in very simple terms, you just made use of Robotic Process Automation – You automated that your alarm wakes you up every day at the same time and allotted the song you’d want to wake up to! 

Here you saved yourself from the intensive minutes of labour by automating this process once and for all, which otherwise you’d have to do every single day. 

And in case you forget to set the alarm, you might as well miss waking up on time the next day and mess it all up!

Welcome to the 21st century! You’re a part of a digital transformation. 

It is through technology that we are experiencing a transformation, a digital transformation… In a way, technology is making us more attentive, feel smarter and act productively because that’s what technology is supposed to do: Ease our lives! 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a branch of technology that makes businesses – big or small and across industries – scrape off repetitive manual labour into rule-based commands that can be performed utilising fewer resources.

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Let’s Understand The Use Of RPA In The B2B Model

There’s a lot more to RPA than just setting the alarm. RPA is primarily used as a technology in businesses and not directly impacts the end-user or customer. RPA, in simple terms, is the branch of technology that is dramatically transforming how we work. 

It is: 

Removing manual work redundancyBy doing work that can be automated 
Eliminating human errorsBy taking over the work that can be done sequentially 
Programming to perfectionBy implementing the stated commands in sequential order 
Increasing human efficiencyBy enabling a flexible way to work along with technology 
Saving timeBy performing predictable tasks faster 
Constantly working By following machine instructions without any rest 
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Embracing Growth

Businesses that have embraced this digital transformation through RPA have:

  • Improved work accuracy
  • Proven to be more reliable
  • Performed consistently
  • Recorded high productivity

To Err Is Human, To Automate Divine 

People fear digital transformation and the RPA because they feel threatened by technology. They feel threatened, knowing the mammoth tasks that took them hours to complete takes only minutes for these automated machines to do!

But that’s just one side of the story. 

RPA, in fact, is empowering humans like never before! 

With RPA in practice, people’s unique skills: their cognitive, analytical, observational, perceptive, and subjective reasonings can be better utilised in more productive and challenging work; something that can be put to innovation, which might as well be transformational! 

Businesses that subscribe to RPA’s talent might be on their journey to etch a new dimension, but it is only through the command of a real talent that makes the RPA work. 

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Future of Business is Hybrid 

Through RPA, humans are free from repetitive and objective work that requires less of their individualistic talent and creativity. Their creativity can be better utilised in other business aspects, which can make a real difference. 

Technology is meant to be adopted and meant to be adapted to. 

The sooner you adopt, the better for you to make technology work for you. 

We are working with leaders to embrace this digital transformation by making them adapt to the technologies. We can personalise technology for you too. 

Our core competencies:

Cloud Mobility Analytics Digital Media 
Strategy, Management & SAAS servicesApp innovation & development, Minimalist UX & UIBusiness intelligence and risk management, & Predictive analysis Branding & management on social media 

We are automating the digital landscape of the people, for the people, by the people.

With people, we are mastering the digital transformation by strategically adopting automation and technology. We want you to take your business to greater heights! Connect with us to know how you can do it.

Disclaimer: This article was written as a sample article for a client in the digital transformation industry. To maintain anonymity, I have removed their name.


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