To a new year ✌


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All of us are brimming with smiles and laughter. Whether agree or disagree, we all are hopeful and even though we might not say out loud, or in future succeed on it, we all have made certain resolution!

Yes, these resolution won’t ever end! I resolute to do this, not do that and many many more!

On a very personal note, 2017 has been very adventurous and experiential for me! I faced heartbreaks and happiness, pain and wellbeing, loss and accomplishments, acceptance and rejections, depression and cheerfulness, I fell and then I got  up. I felt humiliated but I was also praised. I left things few incomplete but I gave few things a closure. I felt hopeless, I gave few hope. I was lost, then I found. I cried and cried and cried a lot, but then I learned the importance of smiling. I smiled and laughed a lot. I failed at certain things because I did not accept many things. I did not move on, I kept holding tightly to things which I shouldn’t. I became more private and less updated on the social platform. I hid my many highs and I broadcasted my many lows. And from that I realized its absolutely okay to live a life away from social media updates.

I realized, this year more intensely, life is short, very very short! And we are given this life to do a lot! Not to waste on something as petite as an unnecessary fight. We have a lot many people to love, and far many people who smile only because of us! I learned to be independent and I realized I will br dependent for many things. I realized the importance of money. I learned the hard way what sacrifice means. How we all are going through many things which in inexplicable and that we should be more understanding.

I realized the importance of family and friends who sticked to me like that adhesive- the one which doesn’t need occasional promotion- the one which sticks the toughest! 😉

You might think why did I write all of opposites together- its because the negatives taught me about the positives and vice-versa. And I realized that’s how life is! Everything can change in a moment! How fragile things are.
I realized my potentials, my weaknesses, why loving yourself is the most important step to achieve whatever you want.

I feel blessed to have learned so much from 2017!

Thank you all for your encouragement. I promise, this year, I will try to stand up to the faith you all have in me.

I hope you all have an adventurous and happy 2018! May you get closer to your goals and remember to smile say “I Love You” to the mirror- because Only You can do Anything!  


  • Shruti Dugar

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