Marketers, now easily streamline how you review & approve new brand assets

Welcome’s Feature is made for modern marketers to save time and fast-track brand assets approvals that fully comply with your goals.

“The purpose of this whole method of workflow management is not to let your brain become lax, but rather to enable it to move toward more elegant and productive activity. In order to earn that freedom, however, your brain must engage on some consistent basis with all your commitments and activities. You must be assured that you’re doing what you need to be doing and that it’s OK to be not doing what you’re not doing. — David Allen”

Modern marketing and dynamic technologies have made us realize that there is a tool and software to get the work done ASAP. But as a marketer, we often get lost in working about the work rather than actually working. 

David Allen, the creator of the work-life management system – Getting Things Done – preached to work productively to have a work-life balance.

While strategizing the marketing campaigns, the situation might overwhelm you as a marketer, and you lose clarity of the work and get stuck in a loop of emails, coordinating meetings, status updates, updating calendar, tasks, ideating, strategizing, creating the brand assets, meeting about meetings, and the long approval process. 

Here, a streamlined workflow process is all we want to minimize strategy and planning to development and execution. 

We heard you as we went through the same problem. 

Welcome conceptualized the software with a feature that will eliminate all the tedious workflows that can be automated and make the reviewing easier. You can customize all the approval criteria for that piece of content and track if all comply properly. 

In this article, we’ll brief you on how Feature is the tool you need to navigate your brand assets much more efficiently to smoothen your content creation and marketing life cycle. 

Welcome’s Feature assures no more work about work 

Marketer’s challenges that Feature will help address – 

1. Streamline your brand communication:

Whether you are a large corporation or a startup with dispersed teams, ensuring consistency in your brand assets is necessary. 

Welcome’s Feature allows teams to upload a specific set of criteria that your team can access across different locations and reduce the redundant workflow or avoid miscommunication. 

You can customize your brand guidelines and ensure the internal communication is bilateral through the set criteria guidelines. This is especially very handy when you’re creating a branding asset like a newsletter- you can add the compliance whether you want to add a hyperlink to the logo or not. 

2. Get approvals in a centralized management system: 

Once you’ve streamlined by uploading specific criteria for the brand asset, you can send that piece of content to review/govern against your set criterion. It needn’t be so challenging to communicate remotely if you use the right tools. 

You don’t have to chase the reviewers or decision-makers…

Or get lost in numerous revisions… 

Or search the loop of email threads for the approval update. 

We understand it can get lengthy and deviates you from work itself. 

Taking the above example of the newsletter, you set a criterion for the reviewer whether, for that piece of content, hyperlinking is “Compliant,” Non-compliant,” or “Not applicable.” If you are the approver, you can select either of these and write a note if need be. 

The creator gets real-time updates of all the changes and updates.

3. Manage your brand assets more productively

After you’ve received the review against the set criteria or if you’ve reviewed that piece of content, ensuring that all assets (both visual and text-based) are fully compliant makes it easier to execute the task finally. 

Smart decisions help you allocate marketing resources seamlessly. The intuitive interface simplifies the marketing automation and the process is ready for the next step, that is – making the content piece live and marketable.

In the newsletter example above, if all the brand guidelines and set criteria are met, we can publish it and distribute it accordingly. 

What makes Welcome’s Feature unique is that you can set your criterion against that marketing asset – this makes it easier for the team to be compliant with it. This ensures there is no unnecessary back-n-forth if one fails to meet it – as you can track the changes. 

Compliant to determined criterions 

The value proposition of Feature is that the entire review workflow takes place over a central platform. The creator assigns the review process for the reviewer/governor. This cuts the hassle of misinformation due to using too many platforms to communicate about one piece of content. 

Whether you are a large or small team, using the right software, such as Welcome, makes your work easier and boosts the team’s productivity. It gives you and your team more time to strategize your marketing campaigns rather than work about the work. 

Streamline the workflow easily 

Now that you know why we ideated this feature for you, let’s understand how you can implement Feature in your daily work life that will benefit you:

5 primary benefits of Welcome’s Feature: 

1. Importing custom brand guidelines smoothly

When you use Welcome as your go-to marketing asset management software, you can import brand guidelines and customize them. You can set your conditions as per the relevancy of that content. 

2. Uploading compliance sheets for different use cases

You can add as many compliance sheets as you – the creator of that task/campaign – deem fit. You can add verticals like Brand, Legal, Financial, and more – depending on the relevancy to the content.  

3. Scan and remove restricted terms: 

You can input commands that you want to avoid in your content, and it’ll automatically highlight you those. It scans the content assets and filters the outdated terms easily

4. Predetermined checklist template to provide feedback

Based on your set criterion, you can write feedback based on the template provided as to how and what needs to be changed. This minimizes the loop of reworks. 

5. Automated notifications

This feature of Feature eliminates distribution and collaboration mishaps. With automated email notifications that include compliance notes for ‘on-the-go’ tracking, you can track and update all the changes. 

Streamline reviewing and approving brand assets

As a marketer, you should work on strategizing the marketing campaigns and not work on the work of marketing campaigns. Welcome is here to eliminate the burden so that you and your teamwork in perfect harmony. 

Our Feature aims to smoothen your task as a marketer to review and approve brand assets easily so that you keep track of everything – from strategy and planning to development and execution – in one place, without any loopholes.

You’re welcome to try Welcome! 

Welcome is one of the most robust marketing workflow management software solutions in the market. Welcome helps you stay focused on the work by automating redundant tasks. It ensures smooth collaboration remotely that benefits your productivity.  

Ready to give it a try? Sign up with a free Welcome account today!

If you’ve any specific queries, please reach out to the Welcome team – we will happily resolve it. 


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